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    Indian Navy Forgets to Close Hatch on $3B Submarine, Destroys It

    Even then it was just recently reported
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    Indian Navy Forgets to Close Hatch on $3B Submarine, Destroys It

    Arihant is the most important platform within India’s nuclear triad covering land-air-sea modes,” the Hindu reports. Well, it’s important if it works — and it probably helps to make your submarine watertight. The modern submarine is not a simple machine. A loss of propulsion, unexpected...
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    India Among Biggest Losers and Pakistan Among Biggest Gainers in World Happiness Rankings

    Well when you don't have toilets in your country , that's what happens
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    Green Electricity Initiative (Ecologist Idea)

    Not possible. Trees don't produce enough electricity and the power delivery system itself would be impossible to maintain.
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    Report: IAF Pilot Shot Down by Pakistan Abhinandan Fired from the Indian Airforce Job!

    Abhinandan probably didn't want to bullshit about shooting down a F-16 so that's why he got fired. Indian government will do anything to save face.
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    How did the Indians get the figure of 200-300 dead in the air strikes on Pakistan?

    The Indian tech support scammers are being slapped wherever they go. And it's funny whenever I search up Indian media news about the incident all I get are propaganda prices. Truly a sad state of affairs in Soup power India where they have to make up news stories to look good and save face
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    Myth of IAF shooting F-16 Debunked - Indian Lies Exposed Again

    India getting humiliated on every front
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    Handwara Encounter: CRPF inspector, policeman killed, five forces personnel injured

    Just be careful what you wish for...
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    Indian Pilot ko Chorrnay Waloo !!! Isay Bhi Dekh Lo...

    We have no quarrel with the South Indian. Only the Ganga dwellers who are the real main enemy.
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    Indian media continues to shamelessly lie to own nation for face saving

    Yeah exactly. Next if Pakistan bombs their cities they will make an excuse that India is overpopulated and thank Pakistan for reducing the burden of overpopulation. Such is the case of dealing with these people. They do not see reason at all, they just want to satisfy their egos no matter what.
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    What comes next indian options on the table

    No man, they are truly genetically inferior. Trust me on this. They have it in their blood to be subjugated and enslaved and this war mongering and aggression is just a subconscious plea from them to quickly enslave them for they do not have any sense of purpose if they are not subjugated...
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    Indian media continues to shamelessly lie to own nation for face saving

    They are seriously that delusional that they see no problem with Pak taking down one of their fighter jets, even if it is a MiG 21. I guess if next PAF takes out a whole squadron of MiG 21 these Beghairats will still have an excuse. Shameful nation.
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    Dhaka monitoring Kashmir situation, hoping for de-escalation

    Pakistan should nuke Bangladesh as well. Wipe these Indian àss lickers off the planet
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    #SaveAbinandhan trending on twitter ,Nation of 1.2 billion people weeping on twitter

    What does Surya Kiran have to do with this? I know about that incident but members on this forum and on Twitter have already warned other Pakistanis about that incident not being related to what's going on right now. So I'm that regard we already know that's false information anyway. But the...