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  • Mr this shows your complete lack of Knowledge Mr women before Islam used to walk naked and many who were of respectable families like Banu Hashim even they covered themselves but not their hair or face and even wore half sleeves that is why HAZRAT UMAR RA used to come to HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW and request her to order women to cover their bodies but he didn't gave orders until when ALLAH made it farz in the Quran
    lol, aw man don't ruin it so fast. Remove the april fools please ^^' on your post.

    lol nvm, good day.
    You must be kidding sir these so called terrorists are fighting to achieve martyerdrom and you will gift them by hanging them great idea sir really great idea at least first study what is this phenomena and Sir you Government betrayed Muslims by becoming slaves of american and bombing Muslims of their own country on American orders what do you expect from Muslims to do ?
    First the didn't do any treason secondly all of your governments are the biggest treason and after LAL Masjid operation we had more than 3000 Suicide bombings and and hanging the three of wife of those who thousands and thousands think as their biggest hero of this century you are inviting the biggest trouble
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