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  • Sir manything will happen soon and Sir conflicts can take place from no where and as far as Israel and Saudi Arabia are concerned Sir whole world knows that these two countries basically are their enemies and will remain so and their is high possibility they can also get into war they have old history and change in Arab world they will have to so they can save their image because if Israel storms specially Gaza now Egypt with new government will get involved and than no body would be able to stop conflict from spreading
    Sir you can't predict anything about that region specially after Arab Spring anything can happen other wise Arab Spring can even damage the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia Sir and with Israel and Jersulam involved their is to much stake anything happening to it can and Pakistan doing nothing or Israel attacking Holy Cities sir if Pakistan will do nothing than Pakistan it self will go in Civil War we will have to get involved and for my information we are getting involved already Pakistan Missiles are already placed in Saudi Arabia on some secret locations
    I feel the same yar, but I dont think so IK has moved away from its stance, he has not fixed match, but "well left" the over... I trust IK would normalize things in Karachi... he wont betray least to say...

    I just crossed Baja lane, Railway workshops,lahore where in 1998 Gas leakage incident took place, I remember the whole area was evacuated, many died, and many got inflicted, it was poisoness and suffocating but none went there for the poor who couldnot move from their homes, IK did !!
    this shows to me that this man wont go against the interests of the people... and Trust in God and support IK more and more so that he can dictate everyone on his terms of engagement.
    first result was buttock stabbing in rome :/
    there is another which says why is there a dead pakistani on my couch. is this the one u are talking about?
    this is wat you said which clearly tells y you opened that thread

    why do people have to defend religion when they don't know proper religion themselves?

    isnt this questioning their religion?
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