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  • Kill Sitches is a term used for user codes, like some suggest that Americans have installed micro chips in the aircrafts so they can not be used against a third party, which is basically a load of nonsense.
    I just started flying helicopters, for now i'm starting off in the R-22, it's a simple beginner helicopter, from there i will move up to large turbine helicopters.
    yar...as u knw em quite busy person....and ths s the first time em using ths forum...it will take some time.....
    Sorry about the previous message being cut short, my son is a bit naughty and must have pressed the send button.The recruitment age here normally is around 19-20 years of age but those who want to go in advanced can come even at 18. I have completed my service as a sergeant-major and now am something similar to a "Reserve" force in your countries though formal daily service isn't mandatory for me due to UN obligations (when roughly translated from German).

    I hope that clears your questions. :-)
    Hello Kakgeta, no I am not currently in the army any more. I am now a Civic researcher/Analyst in the United Nations Organization. Here in Switzerland, it is compulsory for all citizens to enlist as conscripts in the Armed Forces since most of our military is formed out of conscription. For women, it is voluntary but even my sister has taken the service.

    Even though I haven't engaged in any formal military operations, yet during one's term of service one can gain a lot of valuable experience in combat, survival tactics and endurance.
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