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    Iranian Chill Thread

    1. yes this is true, you told the truth.:tup: 2. No it's not!.............."Voice Talyshistan" - only Talysh radio (1/1) :coffee: and is the only radio broadcasting .........Baku? Astara? Massali? Lerik? No! No! No! it broadcasts of Karabakh :blink:(Artsakh) 3. why not Azer.r.1918 radio (TV...
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    I think if you have friends, you have questions - write (or other top here) I will answer (with great joy). maybe he has little / much information. I can tell more.:coffee: ps friends, let us observe the statutes of the forum.:oops: contact me, I'll tell
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    you from Tabriz? (parents of Tabriz) History: We have lived here for many tens of thousands of years. in 1918 we were robbed of independence. ....think: "against you" close the refrigerator door and window. we go"))) joke)):sarcastic: brother dzhan you said 100% truth. it really is: we lived...
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    Caucasus holds many mysteries. soon the world will know the truth (culture, politics). Thanks, I appreciate it. radical movement: SADVAL (anonymous fighters) just FLNKA, SAMUR (2 is more accurate and are also masked). is growing more than a hundred small: autonomous groups. just Islamists...
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    Azerbaijan Defence Programs & Military Development

    soon will not need this rubbish (weapon))):partay: :woot:TMAP, SADVAL and dozens of others resumed their activities)):woot: look. dance. and run away)) ---------------> :azn:
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    okay, I'm back here)) :oops: interesting news, the guerrillas are gaining momentum)):coffee: dance is also fine)) Lezghinka especially dance)) Op assssaaa op op:dance3:
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    see this incendiary clip: Aran (Albania) please PR (all) in order to stop the pan-Turan ambitions. :yay::yay:
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    1864-2014 Circassian Genocide Olympics

    I am Caucasians, I want an apology from Russia and democratic handling my people. I am not a "pro-West, pro-Turk, pro-Suad and stuff.":tdown: I'm Caucasian and I am an activist pro-Caucasus (pan-Caucasus: 1) is formally possible 2) perhaps in the future similarity EU). I am a secular...
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    1864-2014 Circassian Genocide Olympics

    too formal and a lot of bloodshed. When a murder occurs 2-3 Russian guys all Russia screams like occurred - 3 World War. but when they kill Caucasians, it is "normal" - that's the plan. dude, you do not have to cover bureaucrats and their dark plans.
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    1864-2014 Circassian Genocide Olympics

    is not the "Christianity" or "Islam" LOL! Reason: Genocide! aftor genocide (in the Caucasus) Russian, Gadjars, Turks, Tartars-Mongols, Arabs, Masagety. but Russian destroyed more than 95% of Peoples and Nations!
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    News of Caucasian Albania (Lezgistan)

    Caucasian Albania Aran Shirvan Lezgistan Aran Dagestan Lezgistan Lezghins Lezgi Tavasparani Tavasparan Tabasaran Tabasarans Aguls Tsakhurs Rutul Udins Udi Uti Shah Dags Buduh Hinalug Archie Jackie archins Kryz Dagestani Chechens Circassians Ossetians Georgians Caspian Caucasus Aryans...
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    1864-2014 Circassian Genocide Olympics

    To f_ck: Russian Empire ! (and the empire of the 21st century) ! To f_ck Putin - FSB (the branch of the Masons, Illuminatenorden) ! ! Caucasus for Caucasians ! ! Caucasus for Caucasians !
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    Moscow police arrest 'armed Islamists' in raids

    "Islamists"? in Moscow? loooool))))) Putin destroys any Caucasians and Muslims! (even Sufis, Shia, Salafi, etc.)! and how? destroying Chechen and Caucasian people? you should get a similar genocide at home that you would understand and calmed yours stupid fantasy pro-Putin)))
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    South Stream bilateral deals breach EU law, Commission says

    South Stream - a blow to the pipe: the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum. significance of Azer-gay-jan 1918 - falls!:enjoy:
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    Hundreds of Britons waging jihad in Syria

    England must get them back))):ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:

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