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  • I wanted to add more in the Qatar-KSA topic but I'd rather post here:

    Word I have from some ex-American SF that KSA troops are very very lazy,unmotivated and werent able to fight back iraqis in 1991.Situation is still the same.
    assalam alaikum

    u r wellcome brother see if u r balanced in ur approach i think u will make many appreciate ur post ( though i can't be coz i m not that good in expressing myself for many reasons )
    and i always see u having balance approach good going

    You see Aryan_B before suggested that King Abdullah is having sex with Bush over a photoshopped picture... So you see this pissed us off a bit. And Aryan_B is the second biggest Psedu-Iranian here.
    I can't find the exact thread, it's either 2G scam or 3G scam... I'm not sure but there are many threads on this topic.

    Apologies if I sounded rude.
    agha hosseine gol, man be aghaiede shoma ehteram mizaram, kamellan moshakhase ke ma nazaratemoon fargh mikone, vali dalili nadare ke be ham tohin konim ya ham digaro ahmagh seda bezanim ya shakhsiate hamo takhrib konim. man tarjih midam iek doost dige ba nazare mokhalef dashte basham ta yek doshman. be har hal man az lahn va raftare shoma be shedat narahat shodam, shaiad barat mohem nabashe vali goftanesh baraie man mohem bood.
    omidvaram dar zendegit movafagh bashi
    I just saw what you wrote. I must have missed it somehow. I wanted to use the name "Pasdar" because it seems nice but everyone would have related it to the Sepah. So I chose Pasban. It means the same in Urdu and plus this is a Pakistani forum so that's why. :)
    alaykum salam pasban jan,
    motshakerem. hale shoma chetor hasti? man zyad safar mikonam v hala ham baraye kar dubai hastam. chera esm pasban ra entekhab kardid mgar police hastid?
    Salam Alaykum Hussein jan,

    hal e shoma chetor ast? Chand sal ast ka dar france zindagi mekone?
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