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  • You're a clown, Hamas is a crown on your head Farsi nationalist hypocrite. Sad idiots still believe Iran has ties with Hamas like the Ottoman troll idiot. Hamas is independent movement. If you don't like it mind your own business. Or I'll start pissing all over Iran.
    Hi Hussain before you "thanks a million" blkeagle your friend next time read the post carefully, your friend implies that israel's crimes are nothing compared to Syrian regime, your friend forgets that every post of mine condemn assad's regime but i strongly voice the two faced arabian governments stance on Palestine-Lebanon-Kashmir. You should stand up unbiased while reading posts it would put you in a sober position, good day..

    مسال داخلی ایران به خارجی ها ربطی نداره

    چرا همش مسائل داخلی ایران رو پیش می کشی
    hussain, I know this forum being a defence forum, people are extremely nationalistic and defensive about their own country. I dont blame them, there are lot of Indians who do it, including me.
    But once in a while, I guess we should come out of our nationalism and see things from view point of other side. I thank you for doing that.
    I think people like us who live in a foreign country have unique advantage of seeing things from a distance, which helps being a bit objective in our views.
    جناب حسين
    براي اخرين بار بهتون پيشنهاد ميكنم از دادن هر گونه پست عليه كشور جلوگيري كنيد
    درصورت تكرار بايد منتظر عواقب ان باشيد
    متاسفانه جويا شدم كه بعضي از كاربرا قصد دارن اسم شما رو به وزارت اطلاعات بدند
    خواهشا اين مسخره بازي ها رو تموم كن
    حالا چرا انگليسي ؟
    kollang salam, just because i never move from "world affairs" . but i will have a look. thank you.
    سلام حسين اقا
    چرا تو اين تاپيك پست نميديد؟
    منظرورم اينه كه بهتره در مورد محصولات ساخت ايران براي ديگران پست هاي بيشتر بزاريم و وووووو
    Hey, yeah.. Thats why I would like to attract sane people to the thread ^^ but I guess its too late.. the trolls have derailed it badly already. I reported some posts but I think it is too late now.
    11 years ago bin laden was a hero to us because he stood up against the US and Al-Saudi as well. When people are disparate because of a certain group they see anyone who apparently stands up against them is a hero. Right now we as a Muslim nation are disperate there will also be looking for a hero in the form of Iran. At the time it didn't matter to us he was wrong and a blood thirsty bastard. In time when the smoke clears people will begin to see reality and look at things the way they truly are. Right now the smoke is dense and the light of hope seems to only emit from Iran. Regardless of its internal policy.

    In other words I understand what they are going through all too well. We have gone through the same thing and it took us 10 years for the smoke to clear.
    بابت اينكه من رو بخشيديد واقعا متشكرم
    راستش بابت توهيني كه به شما كردم عذاب وجدان گرفتم اميدوارم كه من رو ببخشي
    من با قسمتي از صحبت هاي شما موافقم كه در ايران برخي ازادي ها وجود نداره اما به نظرم درست نبود كه وجه ي كشور رو جلوي خارجي ها بد كنيم چون از دست اونها هيچ كمكي ساخته نيست و البته با خيلي از صحبت هاتون هم مخالفم
    كه تو وقت بهتري ميشه در اين مورد صحبت كرد
    با تشكر
    يا همون كلنگ
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