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    Lee Kuan Yew interviewed on Islam (very politically incorrect)

    You know whats shameful that these cowcacola drinkers come to work in Muslim countries and live good lives which they can't hope to have in their home countries but at the end of the day they spew venom againt Muslims
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    PM Shehbaz Once Again Embarrasses Pakistani Nation

    After hearing this cringy statement i would like to sit on cactus so i can divert my attention. What have we become, i know we were nothing to begin with, but this is below low
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    Two inland revenue officers sacked for leaking COAS, family’s tax data

    Heros i dont know but what the shist kind of security is this. What RDBMS are they using Notepad? Any tom dick and dirty harry can see the records
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    Imran terms real estate ‘biggest mafia’

    What do you eat BTW normally in morning , noon and evening. What type of - khota dishes you eat, and what about spices and how do you afford khota dishes every day - does daily donation from naani tweetni fulfills your daily needs - how many times a day you chant Shaerrrrrrrrrrrr
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    There has never been any truth to Imran’s foreign conspiracy claims: US

    Also Iraq had WMDs Source: i dont know sir , colin powell told me
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    Mashallah Pakistan credit rates increased. A welcomed change

    Hahaha answer @Areesh question or get lost patwari tooi
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    Imran Khan Pushes Pakistan to the Edge: WSJ

    A therapy with a chappal on his tooi
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    Muhammad Bin Suleimans meeting with Shabaz Sharif.

    Damn man its embarrassing and cringe to see this rear end of donkey acting as PM. You see boys, wearing suite boot don't make you bond. A bund will be bund and will die as bund
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    Journalist Arshad Sharif martyred in Kenya

    Chup kar haram k pila , gandu saley , harami looney toons . You sons of bitches are curse on this nation. i wish i had power to kill you lots
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    How to create the Arc of Islam?

    Why is he not lunatic? have you seen his posts or you are stupid as well. But ofcourse didnt expect something good from a wannabe white baniya
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    How to create the Arc of Islam?

    I'm surprised, where the hell are the mods. this lunatic allowed to post so much rubbish and no one is banning this stupid person. Or are they also black vigo-ed
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    Asif Zardari in critical condition

    Nipple nipple everywhere suwar k
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    Guess what popped up on my YouTube feed

    You can believe whatever you want. You have been given Free Will. Probability part comes later for you (Non Muslims) . in Islam there is no probability after death you will have to answer for everything
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    Guess what popped up on my YouTube feed

    As i said its ok he/she can believe whatever they want. Death will come for us all and we have to answer for what we believe.
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    Congratulations India on entering the Top 40 of the most innovative countries.

    Just like your supa pawa claims , get lost Gangu

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