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  • Thanks bro. For the heads up as well as your support while I was gone. Greatly appreciate it!
    "I thought I would escape temporarily from my City's oppressive heat ( Chennai). It seems, that I am not so lucky in that"

    No. Central Texas is not the place to go to avoid heat. It'll stay hot through September...even October. Winters will be generally nice with an occasional ice-storm. Those can bring their own special hell.
    "I guess my place is quite a distance from Dallas."

    You'll have fun. That's deep in the heart of Texas. Lot to see and do. Texas A&M is a very good school. What are you studying?
    "Going to be in TX from August, hopefully!"

    Then drop a P.M. to TexasJohn here and ask for some lessons. He's an Indian long-lived in the Dallas area with at least one really hot daughter. He'll teach ya' bout rodeo, BBQ, and LoneStar beer. Tell 'em I said "howdy!".

    Don't say nuthin' bout the daughter, mind you...;-)

    "wow... U know that by heart !"

    Don't I wish? The wonder that's GOOGLE rears its ugly but indispensible head once more.:P

    Yup...Texas drawl provided by none other than Sam Elliot-Hollywood's best cowboy.
    "But sometimes, there's a man. And I'm talkin' about the Dude here. Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place. ..."

    My humble apology. Sorta forgot my board persona, eh?:).

    Really quite at peace with my choice for now. I never say never however so...who knows?
    "What happened Jeff :)"

    Name's Steve:). I'm enjoying the peace that comes with anonymous lurking.
    Discussed it with the team. Basically it was his immediate behavior on his return from a temp ban that earned him a permanent one. He spoke against the forum and is expected to do repeat performances whenever given the chance. I discussed about him in detail with the rest of the team about it and no one has faith in him any more.
    There's a significant number of people who can think freely. They are not on this forum.
    Thanks though
    He's probably gone for good unless we change our minds. He seems to far gone down troll lane and lacking calm and sanity. He always tried to open multiple debates in the same thread and even after serving a ban wouldn't let go of his theatrics.

    I'm not a big fan of theatrics and innuendo.
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