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    The person who carried out the Karachi attack was trained in Iran

    Sleeping as usual and bending over.
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    Marvel Studios She-Hulk Official Trailer

    Eww, I'd never watch it. I'd like to watch Odin's (Anthony Hopkins) war on 7 realms. Or I'd like to watch movies about Thanos conquering other planets.
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    Rupee appreciated against pound and dollar

    lol, it always goes up slightly before a big dump. Happens all the time in Crypto and stocks.
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    PM Shehbaz is holding Zoom meetings to "arrest" Rs fall...

    I created a thread that PKR will hit 200 around Eid Ul Adha, I must admit Pakistanis have beaten my expectations. :lol:
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    Why this anchor angry on pmln now?

    LUMS or Oxford doesn't really matter these corrupt dynasties can easily get their children enrolled in these institutions. Moreover, anyone who graduates from LUMS or Oxford doesn't necessarily mean they are super smart/ bright. This Hina clearly reflects how paindo and dumb Pakistani...
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    How will the system work IF Imran khan is back. Bureaucracy will let them what IK want??

    The stage at which Pakistan is right now (economically) there can't be any if or but. Heads put roll or else you'll witness SriLanka Part 2 on a much greater scale. Tough economic decisions must be taken or.......
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    dollar hitting 188, bloodbath at stock market crash

    Oh, I thought it would hit 200 right at Eid Time but looks like Rupee is in such a hurry to surprise us all? MASHALLAH, very good performance.
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    Tesla gives up on India, picks Indonesia as its new Asia manufacturing hub.

    Why you are so upset with the neutrals? :fie:
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    News for Urban Sindh: MQM is getting united.

    The OP sounds extremely Qoum parst kind of a person.
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    Israel agrees to equip Ukraine with Blue Spear system through Estonia - report

    All they need to do is equip Palestine.
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    Sindudesh has signifcant support in Sindh.

    Come on, that was sarcasm. :(
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    Sindudesh has signifcant support in Sindh.

    After barren lands, there won't be much left there to resist. We can always access it through Baluchistan which is 42% of Pakistan. So don't try to blackmail us with this sea access.
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    Tesla gives up on India, picks Indonesia as its new Asia manufacturing hub.

    Wish it would have been Pakistan but we are 1,000 years back from other countries. Congrats to @Indos
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    Sindudesh has signifcant support in Sindh.

    No problem, Punjab can simply put a halt on their water taps and can choke them and turn their SIndhudesh into a barren graveyard. So they those Sindhi Sayeins should calm down.
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    Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar bank note

    If that is the case then 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to $30,000 as we speak. Why? for many reasons but one is a very limited supply of Bitcoin. The more you print, the less valuable things get.

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