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    с днем защитника Отечества
    I agree with you, sir. Hope SCO can permanently work together, it is a must and common sense. It is just beginning step.
    SCO different from NATO. NATO has one owner. SCO is an organization capable of protecting against external aggression (for example, by NATO troops). Asia is our common home, and outsiders to interfere in our affairs do not need. We can fight or hate each other, but we are all neighbors and this is our internal affair. In this I see the main task of the SCO. So India and Pakistan may both be to the organization. Your attitude is your problem. However, we can always unite against interference from outside. NATO is trying to replace the UN. SCO may well prevent it.
    This is same example in Egypt but lucky Mubarak chose to leave, I feel it is still civil wars between governments. Anyway, I hope Russia is strong enough to resist NATO's influences on over the West Europe and also love your silent-hunter submarines deeply under the ocean. What's your thought of SCO?
    Sir, kindly explain regarding Libya ongoing issues, how come Russia willing to do meditate for Gaddafi exit in change position? obey West in diplomatics? Hope all is well with you.
    Yes, I agree with you, sir! The world is changing quickly as both countries need to move forward on our mutual interests and goals. Take care, man and enjoy this forum!
    Good to see you Russian, you are welcome here. Hope Russia and Pakistan will pass a new Chapter of friendship, I admire Russia, destroyed on Georgia five day war, good job !
    Respected sir,
    I be much pleased if you find me worthy enough to be your friend. I here in Pakistan was the only Chemical engineering student who downloaded Russian engineering patents (in english) & found them extremely useful. Do tell me which city you belong...


    Plus don't get upset; there are people very antRussian here; just ignore them & contribute something technical & enjoy your stay. If you can do search for usernames Gambit, Santro, Penguin...thy post good technical info...& wait there is a pilot here by name ptdlm3 he is Russian too
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