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  • سلام به زایون کیلر بگو لازم نیست یه پروفایل جدید بسازه

    فقط از ادمین بخواد اسمشو عوض کنه

    حرف زدنم تند نبود ، باهاش دو رویی نکردم ... همش همین ... در ضمن ، به خودش گفتم نه به کس دیگه ... به هر حال از نظر من یه جای کار ایراد داشت .... آخرین شاهکارشون هم همین آواتارشون هست که یک جناب پاکی اومد و با مدرک ثابت کرد که عکس یک پورن استار روسی هست ... حالا ایرانی بودن به کنار ولی یعنی ایران اونقدر بیچاره شده که یک کسی که آواتارش رو یک پورن استار ( می دونی که چیه !؟ ) انتخاب می کنه بیاد بشه حامی ایران !؟
    How are you brother ? I have a question for you, and i need you to explain something to me. Why is it called Iran not Persia ? What is the difference between Iran and Persia now and historic wise ?

    متولد تهران

    و شما؟
    سلام داداش

    آواتار بدم خدمتتون ؟

    دی !
    آره داداش می کنم
    Hello Hossein, its so nice to meet you!

    Yes, what actually happened is, previously, many Saudi members were boasting that they were more powerful than Iran. Then I created that thread to show that, even with GFP's amateur estimate,Iran is vastly powerful than KSA.

    I even compared Iran to every other middle east country and found that Iran is more powerful than them. Only Egypt comes little close.

    Yes, Iran's budget is 10 billion currently, which is larger than Pakistan. Yeah, I also felt "why Iran has so less tanks"? Maybe they have more.

    Inshallah, Iran will grow to be more and more stronger. :)
    بهش بگو چاکریم
    No problem brother. Nice to see you and zionists killer here. It always nice to see our brother coming here.
    thank you and I expect us to defend Iran here from those zionists and wahabis.
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