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    Oil Price War Puts Entire Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia At Risk

    Saudi Arabia’s future looks very bleak. They have relied completely on their oil wealth in modern times. Their vision 2030 is delusional. Unless MBS performs abrupt changes of direction in virtually every policy, he is going to complete the destruction of the state within a decade.
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    US Re-locates Bombers from Guam for possible use in Iran Theater

    How to spin a strategic retreat...
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    BREAKING: Iran successfully launches 1st military satellite into orbit!

    About to pass over Occupied Palestine!
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    BREAKING: Iran successfully launches 1st military satellite into orbit!

    Wow! Congratulations guys. PressTV reports that it is 3 stages.
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    Gulf stands up for Indian Muslims. Hindutava hate and racism will be dealt with.

    It does feel like patience with India is starting to wear thin. Better late than never I suppose. Like solidarity with the Palestinians, this is something that all Muslim nations should be able to unite behind.
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    Iran needs to develop biological weapons

    Biological weapons can certainly be far more deadly than nuclear weapons. Here are just two reasons: A single biological weapon can kill far more people than a single nuclear weapon. A biological weapon can be deployed without missiles and the origin may not be traceable. In fact, it may not be...
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    Will Iran Follow North Korea’s Path and Ditch the NPT?

    I sincerely hope so. Iran needs a nuclear deterrent more than North Korea. At least North Korea can devastate Seoul through conventional means in a cost effective manner. Unless Iran can acquire a vast stockpile of hundreds of thousands of missiles capable of levelling Israel to the ground, I...
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    Erdogan surrenders to Putin

    Never has an army been so successful in defeat. Or, perhaps, Turkey has been less than truthful with its reporting. Erdogan knows the truth and his actions speak louder than his words.
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    Erdogan surrenders to Putin

    Julian just can’t understand why Turkey would surrender given how “successful” they’ve been. It’s as if he actually believes the numbers that Turkey is reporting. How can Turkey score thousands of kills and suffer only tens of losses yet lose ground and then surrender? Logically, it’s clear...
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    Erdogan surrenders to Putin

    Massive victory for the Syrian Government. Not only did Erdogan not get his Sochi lines, but he has relinquished control over even more territory. Not that it was his to relinquish anyway. Just a matter of time now until all of Idlib is liberated.
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    Syrian Civil War (Graphic Photos/Vid Not Allowed)

    Erdogan has backed down. Jisr al-Shughour and part of Idlib city now falls under the newly agreed buffer zone. This is a major victory for the Syrian Government.
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    Terrorism in Syria must be eradicated: Chinese envoy

    That is simply not true. Hezbollah, IRGC and the Kurdistan Workers Party are not recognized as terrorist groups by the United Nations. On the other hand, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham among other groups backed by Turkey are designated terrorist groups by the UN.
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    Russian Military Police Enter Syria's Saraqib to Ensure Security

    The SAA continue to push deeper into Idlib province. Afes is now liberated.
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    Russian Military Police Enter Syria's Saraqib to Ensure Security

    According to some Turkish members here, Turkey is the second most powerful state on the planet. They live in this fantasy world that they’ve constructed for themselves. The reality is that you cannot even begin to compare the military might of Russia or China to Turkey. Right now you see...
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    At Least 34 Turkish Soldiers Killed in Air Strike in Syria's Idlib, Watchdog Says

    It's not about Assad. Turkey doesn't care about the Syrian people. It's about creating a proxy state through which to attack adjacent Kurdish areas with plausible deniability.