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    PM has increased petrol price by Rs 5.40 in public interest

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    'No smoking, no shaving': Taliban restore old rules in newly seized Afghan territory

    Seal the borders before they infiltrate into our country.
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    A tweet claimed Karachi's food is the best in Pakistan and Lahoris have a lot to say about this

    And he is right. Karachi food is just miles better than Lahore’s
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    Electric motorcycles in Pakistan

    its ugly. I have seen other ev bikes, much better designed.
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    PM's aide claims Bilawal eyeing deal with Washington

    Lol Gill is hilarious. ( one of the many incompetent and loud mouth members of PTI)
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    Power outages continue as shortfall reaches 6000MW amid scorching weather

    dont know how much truth this holds
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    Let's Track: Imran Khan's Rs 1.1 Trillion Karachi Package.

    I dont think so. Its just asphalt carpet. No foundations laid properly.
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    Decision to arrest tax evaders, list of 1.5 crore people prepared

    Arest the mafias if you can, otherwise stop with the gimmicks.
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    UAE Extends Travel Ban on Pakistan

    I know I know. But there are people who got the same vaccine as Emiratis (sinopharm) and yet are banned for travel? Plus this could generate hotel revenue for them too. Australia is charging $4k for family of three for hotel qurantine for PR holders. In that sense , pakistanis with UAE permit...
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    UAE Extends Travel Ban on Pakistan

    Oh bhai not the pandemic itself. UAE ican open flights for travellers who are willing to qurantine for 14 days and give two PCR test resulting negative.
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    UAE Extends Travel Ban on Pakistan

    Politics, thats all. Nothing else justifies this.
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    Filipino Maids/Nannies working in Pakistan! What do you think?

    It was local labour and local company.
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    Have you ever been harassed by men while walking in the bazaar? Get to know women's opinions

    Laanat aise zehniat par. Husband held hostage as multiple men gang rape wife in village near Lahore https://www.geo.tv/latest/308675-husband-held-hostage-as-multiple-men-gang-rape-wife-in-village-near-lahore
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    Zardaris Punjab Offensive, Will it Bring Tangible Results for PPP

    Punjab will take Buzdar again but no PPP
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    Have you ever been harassed by men while walking in the bazaar? Get to know women's opinions

    Did you miss the part where women are in modest clothes and men still cant keep to themselves?

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