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  • salam,

    i m fine and obviously abhi tak canada main hi attki hon..

    app kaisay hain? my life is ok as always.
    anyways..howz ur life? and what about ur studies?howz family and everyone?

    eid mubarak to you..

    Allah hafiz.
    I have not given up but you must know the trouble I have had to face. In Bangladesh because the media is controlled by RAW there has been a wall of silence on my book. You will not even find criticism of the book. Although some nationalist newspapers have published excellent reviews the mass media has ignored the book entirely because they are afraid of its contents. In India there is also predictable silence and I am usually presented as a fanatic. In Pakistan the book has been largely welcomed but it has not been projected as it should have been. I think this is because there are no Pakistani contributors although there are writers from Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. This was not due to negligence on my part. I had asked several prominent Pakistani writers to contribute but hardly any could find time. In any case. the 2nd edition is due out soon and this does have chapters written by Pakistanis.

    I think the 2nd edition is really something to read. It exposes in detail Indian conspiracies in South Asia over the last 60 years. However, it will only be successful if it is treated not merely as a propaganda weapon. There must be some serious discussion, debate and projection of the book.

    Writing books is probably the best way to combat RAW conspiracies and Indian designs. It will create awareness amongst the population.

    I have had some contact with Hamid Zaid and he gave me some advice on the writing of the 2nd edition of my book.

    I would like to know what more I can do and may be how we can work together?
    i respect every word of yours.trust me i am saddened by what you have said, believe me i am willing to fight for their cause and bring justice for them.. but make no mistakes brother the people who perpetuated the act in bbaay were from pak . i dont say the pak govt or people were involved but some few who do want to see us live in peace. let there be a peace between us.. and brother if ever someone is victimised in my country i will fight for them.. i am a sad today for what we have become.. you can count on me. i called you brother and i mean it..
    i have seen innocents blood shed. how long will this go.is there a solution.i am not blaming anyone.but what the fault my people.i respect your words just that those guys have have brought me to my knees eveen if i dont like it...
    Thank you for your kind comments.

    I am far from being a great man but I do try to expose the evils that are afflicting our lives in South Asia. I am glad that you have also taken on this role and I am sure that you will be far more successful than me in exposing the pernicious designs of RAW and the Hindu fanatics. I wish you all the best in these endeavors.
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