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  • i used to have a female dog.just like a snow ball:( she went away:cry:
    i would chug her,hold her aloft for hours, finger her silky hair..i still miss her:cry:
    ohh seems like you're extremely homesick rightnow:(
    what kind of trouble btw?friends don't create trouble...enemies do:s
    :lol: who told you that i'm lonely? i am doing fine.thanks.i am here for quite some time.haven't noticed you around too:)
    now my e-mail id is not same as the previous one..
    it is changed now..

    its my new one "khan.1990@live.com".
    Allah hafiz.
    hmm... same here sir!! boring life..

    i missed Pakistan soo much this time ..

    well,apko kon bhool sakta hay??

    main apnay doston ki buhat care karti hoon janab...app nay hi kkoi reply nahin kiya..
    Allah hafiz...
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