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  • hey sorry for rude comments :D
    are u really from lucknow ? i am a gujarati btw a revert muslim :) nice 2 meet you
    Havi Sultan's Webspace

    If you really want to know about me. This is my website. Make sure you visit
    dude where are you lost ?
    its been ages u hvnt rplied to any mail n so....wats d matter ? r u alryt ?
    There is a job offer for anyone fluent in Pashto and who has been to some or preferably all the following areas. I am writing a book and need some aid and imput:
    Dir, Swat, South and North Waziristan, Bajaur, Buner or any of the other insurgency stricken areas. But these are the areas my book is concentrating on.

    If you are willing to put enough time I may be able to pay 2000 rupees for ur efforts. PM me immediately if interested.

    The book is a piece of fiction based on reality events.
    Business cards for only 25$. Logos from 60-120$. Very cheap very efficient graphic designing... anyone interested contact me straight up. I can make concert tickets. Anything you want.

    To see some of my work go here.

    Designed 100% by a Pakistani belonging to us. I can write free reviews and resumes and create videos of you or promote your product through video. Everything is very cheap....
    And oh yaaa... if anyone still wants to know I design graphic material. Any Pakistani will get an entire 15% discount on business cards. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Don't miss it. I can edit pictures of u and ur freinds and make them memorable. I can make a poster of u. Anything that strikes ur fancy try me...
    I can write promotional material and advertise you as a suitable person for a job or any other such application. I can also prepare resumes only for 25$.

    Please contact me straight away if you are interested in these opportunities. If your writing skills are weak and you could use a hand come straight to me.
    how u doin main yahin hoon bus main tu khud in trouble main hoon. boht bara masla bana ha but main alone cant fight with this fatal creature. any way i am back . samjho k main mot se lot k aey hon zindagi ki taraf.
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