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  • no...hahahahahaha just kidding i knew from your argument you were a kid and i was right buddy i am 22 hope you keep researching remember find what is possible and probable not what others say extract info from lies and deceit oh another thing if we had all of the stuff you mentioned our force wouldnt have been demoralized they would have been angry but that is a tale for another time bye happy researching
    yes and it was disgrace what r u saying i am not supporting the guy i told you to research the war kiddo my signature doesnt say what he did was honorable i am comparing two biggest cowards in pak history niazi is second now:p:P why dont you tell me your age i found your discussion childish at best when you said pn had superiority so you tell me yours first :D:D:D:D
    destroyed that one air hanger with 13 planes with ease and east pakistan didnt have sufficient amount of tanks either thats why the slogan was the defence of east lies in west now tell me when we couldnt reach through air our navy stopped how r supplies supposed to last when the enemy is covering ground. if you must know our ssg performed superb in that battle they stopped the enemy in two position on west and even took over a supply hanger but it wasnt enough
    yes they didnt surrender they did what he should have done and fight and in that battle one of our shaheed made a last stand too that shocked india and mukti bahini and about the rest plz do some research our pn ghazi was the only thing that gave them problem and it was doing well untill it sunk due to technical failure our navy was over powered bcz the one thing in that war was submarine and it sunk they bombed karachi port they had the blockade dude accept it our navy couldnt fight them bcz it was given priority had it given priority it could have won that war that depended on neither ground nor air but the sea bcz that was the only route that we could fight through to give supplies and reinforcements. its hard but they won that naval war ask any other member they will tell you the same. and they
    hahaha i can call yours a fan boy assessment but i dont want indulge on kiyani either we have our views you have a disagreement in 71 both mukti bahini and the indian army with local support were advancing indian army had air superiority in bangladesh our navy was tied down in karachi with a blockade he was lacking in supplies and men he surrendered do have any different views or am i missing anything
    It would be a good idea if you don't post that quetta cantt rocket attack kind of threads or info:

    Major reason being, if you give the details that where the rockets hit, they give the militants an idea that what to do in the next attack to make the strike more deadly and accurate.

    So, kindly avoid such kind of inside info which are left untold.

    Pesh used to get lot of rocket attacks last year, hardly major media coverage would be given except for the ones which landed on civilian population and caused damage or injuries and in 1 or 2 cases deaths too.

    So, next time, kindly take care.
    She's entitled to her personal opinion, nevertheless i'll convey your concerns to the mods. Better if you do it by yourself.Thanks.
    Well if that's the case then it's stupid of you to give out the coords like that.
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