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    The Balti Village of Turtuk in India.

    Tajikistan is close by.There are 150,000 Baltis in India.
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    The Balti Village of Turtuk in India.

    Courtesy:bridget'sbike blog,mod.nic.in,flickr.com.
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    Attack on PAF Base Minhas

    This incident happened a few hours after Panetta's comments: Pak nukes may fall into terrorists’ hands: Panetta
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    Kashmir youth aspire to join Indian Army

    LMAO the sources are Sana news and Paktoday.com.:rofl: BTW these are the photos of todays I-Day celebration in Srinagar:
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    Pakistani Hindus | All Discussions

    Pakistan govt refuses Hindus to celebrate its Independence Day. Yudhvir Rana, TNN | Aug 15, 2012, 01.51PM IST Article AMRITSAR: Pakistan government reportedly prevented as many as 500 Hindu families comprising of men, women and children to celebrate Pakistan's Independence Day at the...
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    Indian American Muslims celebrate Independence Day.

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    Saudi Gazette:Saudi-India ties growing stronger.

    Saudi-India ties growing stronger. INDIA’s engagement with the Arabian Peninsula goes back to several millennia when traders and sailors from South Asia used to sail across the Arabian Sea, in boats made of Malabar wood. The relationship got reinforced and strengthened with robust exchanges...
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    Notify PAF Aircraft Crashes

    It was a mirage. PAF Mirage aircraft crashes in Bhakkar | The News Tribe
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    US wants to take defence ties with India to new level.

    US wants to take defence ties with India to new level. WASHINGTON: A top American military commander, in-charge of the country's powerful Pacific Command, has said that he wants to take the India-US defence ties to a new level as being articulated in the new defence strategic guidance...
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    Notify PAF Aircraft Crashes

    I have heard of Mirages but what is this 'Miraj'? PAF Miraj Aircraft crashes | Saach.TV this year Anyways this is the 5th PAF fighter to crash this year(2 F-7's and 2 Mirages crashed previously).
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    Clashes in Sichuan Province as 2 more Tibetans choose Martyrdom.

    Tibetan self-immolations: 'Clashes' in Sichuan province Two more Tibetans are reported to have set themselves on fire in Tibetan areas of China, in protest against Chinese rule. A monk named Lungtok and a man identified as Tashi set themselves alight in Aba, Sichuan province, on Monday...
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    Illinois Muslim School Hit with Acid Bomb.

    CAIR: Illinois Muslim School Hit with Acid Bomb | Nation's Restaurant News
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    Mitt Romney mocks China over Olympics and Moon Landing

    London 2012 has proved that USA will remain the invincible superpower for a long time to come.:usflag:

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