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    China holds military drill near friction point with India’s Ladakh region

    China has fired thousands of tons of munitions in drills,but on the other side of the border, some supapawa could only scream Jia hind, because they can't even make bullets by themselves. LOL Admittedly, supapawa's media is so supapawa, on one day they say china withdraw 10000 troops, but on the...
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    No withdrawal of Chinese troops from Ladakh border: Army Chief

    their media is like: fight Chinese! their army: no! I don't want to die!
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    Why Trump’s attempt to delist China from US will backfire

    Who cares about the decision of a president who will leave office in a few days? He just wants to make more trouble for sleepy Jio.
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    PLA completes 3D mapping of China’s western border with centimeter-level accuracy

    good job,it will be helpful in a real war. Rounds will be dropped more precisely.
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    India says trust with China profoundly Disturbed

    That makes the two of us. LOL
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    CHINA WARNING Boris Johnson blasts ‘demented’ Chinese medicine for causing coronavirus crisis

    Mad dog bites whoever he meets. but let's congratulate to UK's successful herd immunity. LOL
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    Elon Musk on why China has been good to him and how it’s ‘better’ than US,Chinese government more responsive to the people than US

    LOL, the stained reputation of the communist name is the result of Western Anti-China propaganda.
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    Indonesia Is First to Approve Sinovac Vaccine Outside China

    Whatever, it's their choice.
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    Recent videos on how the China PLA troops live and train in the frozen Spanggur Lake in Ladakh

    They are the most adorable people,thanks for their service,then we can live in peace and happiness.
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    DRDO develops multiple products to help Indian army battle extreme cold in deployment against China

    DRDO: we have invented some high tech winter gear! jawan: *frozen*
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    China’s unorthodox weapons, provocative actions escalated situation in Ladakh: Defence ministry

    no,even your MP is full of b*llshit,so I believe you Indians are untrustworthy. nonono, just your own big mouth is enough to bring India to supapawa, LOL
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    China’s unorthodox weapons, provocative actions escalated situation in Ladakh: Defence ministry

    Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Subramanian Swamy, has been throwing shades at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Central Government lately, said on Tuesday that people should not forget the "collapsing" economy and China "gobbling up at least 4000 sq km in Ladakh" in all the excitement of...
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    Falun Gong activist detained in Poland. China demands extradition, Polish courts are in favor

    what a surprise!Poland? I thought they dislike China.
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    Back off, Britain! China issues furious warning to rivals over plans to deploy warships HMS Queen Elizabeth

    when did UK join QUAD? apparently,you’re another indiot who feel shame for your Indian identity.

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