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  • hello, in present times of despair, we need to project every little positive about our armed forces. this will surely help improving he image of military in eyes of national and international community.

    these day, the military is busy in helping the flood effected people in Sindh. i have started a thread to cover the event. it will be really nice if you can take out some time and visit:


    a bit of your appreciation and contribution regarding this event is required.

    thanks in advance!
    hello, there have been lots of discussion going around the Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS) since the launch of PAKSAT 1R.
    i have been following the project since the NCA approved Space Program 2040. the article have been completed and i have shared at:


    please do check out, i hope you will find this helpful.
    moreover if you have anything to contribute regarding the PRSS, please do on this thread, it will be really helpful!
    hey, we are changing our avatars to suport PTI, you may also change if you feel like...
    As for Iranians and particularity Nima, you'd find Iranians of all shades and of all opinions. Nima actually detests the Islamic faith hence his bias. Unfortunately, for him, though the Iranian people are a religious one and ninety-nine percent of them are Muslim (mash'Allah)-- of course, as in all countries, the majority of peoples are Muslim by identity alone.

    Too many differences brother... I will try to be brief.

    Pakistan and Iran are very different and the mentality of the populations is very different especially in the civic sense. As per the UN, Iran's infrastructure is better developed than both India and Pakistan and this shows. The rural parts lack much development. This is true for Iran but in a general sense they are comparatively more developed. For instance, Iranian cities are considerably much cleaner, better maintained and have much pavement compared to the larger Pakistani cities. This is true of the smaller cities in Iran as well. Islamabad probably represents a better model of Iranian cities except for that fact that Iranian cities look distinctively Iranian-- the architecture, the planning and etc. Iranian architectural history and values are more highlighted and even the most modern structures bear a traditional mark. This is most probably because of again, a difference in mentality towards civic sense, smaller populations in Iran and thus larger budgets for individual towns. But hey, the traffic and driving habits remind me of Iran! :)

    A prominent issue in Pakistan is gun-control. Iran despite being surrounded by countries who have such problems and moreover surrounded by countries who have been in a state of war/conflict in recent history, surprisingly has no such issue-- except for areas bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan and some near northern Iraq.

    Then another issue is some provincialism and ethnic nationalism in Pakistan. We have some of that in Iran but it's very minute-- largely in the eastern-most provinces. The overall defining identity is Iranian. I'm not sure of the extent of this in Pakistan. I only take what I hear from Pakistanis. There is a "Punjabi or anti-Punjabi" issue in some parts, am I right? This is funny to me because when in Punjab I noticed that amongst themselves, Punjabis aren't too united. Perhaps when confronting a non-Punjabi, I'm not sure. I'm not much aware but you have this "Mohajir" (those who came from India) thing in Karachi where MKM is pro-mohajir. Karachi is somewhat divided on ethnic lines I hear (entrance areas are Pashtun/Afghan?). Back to Iran, the people are generally fiercely proud (of their past, of their religion), and whereas they have a difference in opinion that might stun you, to the outside world/ external interests they are more united than what most people think. It might surprise you to know, we have more languages and ethnicities in Iran.

    There is much corruption in Iran as well but from what Pakistanis tell me who have visited Iran, the corruption problem is more prevalent in the subcontinent. I do not know much so I cannot comment in this regard.

    Anyways, the Pakistani nation is a very capable one indeed and the Pakistani people are very hardworking, especially the rural people but the government really needs to work as a uniting force, to me, for only a united Pakistan can progress, a divided one may splinter (God forbid). Pakistani people are quiet politically divided and I think the ethnic-nationalism is really to Pakistan's detriment. I just like to tell you though, that I really love Pakistan and that you have a beautiful country, some of your people need to understand what a gift you truly have. Peace!

    I know "Dah.dah" means "(paternal) grandfather" and it is often said as "Dah.dah-jaan" or "beloved (paternal) grandfather" as opposed to "na.na" or "na.na-jaan" i.e maternal grandfather.

    Thanks for the appreciation. I do try to work much to make sure it is correct hence my Urdu probably sounding a lot more formal than the way native speakers converse as you stated with the verb usage.

    I went to Karachi and Lahore last year in the summers. There are some hiking trails in the northern areas of Pakistan. I will scan the trail maps and paths and perhaps post them up for you.

    Thanks for the invitation. At present I don't really have any plans to visit but enshallah perhaps in the future. :)
    Generally speaking, I made a south to north trip from Karachi to Muzaffarabad. In my next trip I stayed two weeks in and around Lahore and the other two in and around Karachi. My experience had it's up and downs for various reasons. People were generally very nice and helpful. I have a love for hiking, history, culture and languages so the trip was enlightening for me.

    Karachi mein ra.hah thah mein par jitna app ne mun.zer dekha hoga mein.ney uska adha bhii nahii dekha hoga. Jo ziadah mash.hoor jagain hain jaisey.h Clifton ya Saddar (city centre) hogie.n ya aur bhi, un sab jagoo.n par gayah hoon aur is kay ilawa jo bazaar hain auur wagera. Mein reh raha tha Clifton mein ek haftay k lieye aur doosre haftey mein raha tha kay-dee-aiyh mein apne doston aur maizbaan kay sa.ath. :)

    Karachi is very large, very busy, quiet noisy and quiet crowded I noticed. My Pakistani friends said no one knows it's population. I was there at a rainy season. No offense, but there is a serious drainage problem there.

    I know 3-4 Karachi words! ... m.kay.m, khoh.kah (street cigarette store), dah.bah (street tea shop), baach.ee (I know it means little girl but means young girl or my girl also, right?), tiiite (its nice?), daa-daah (means a cool guy?) :)

    (please correct my Urdu where you find an error I try my best)
    I'm well. Trying to stay in touch with more Pakistanis. It will help me improve my Urdu. I have traveled around Pakistan much by the way.
    HaHaHa, i love it man, but i am not sure i had enough beard to grow like that, anyway nice one, take care, will catch you later.
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