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    Forum Update 2020|Feedback and Discussion

    Its difficult to use now. I cant see the name of the members who have posted the replies. First i used to read the replies of my favorite members but now i have to read replies of everyone because i cant see the names. Are android users facing the same problems or its just with iOS?
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    Featured Balochistan to get 40pc of gas revenue

    Lets hope that the money gets spend on poor people of balochistan not sardars.
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    (With anti ship missile just destroy any ship taking oil from gulf to India and fire the ballistic missile at Mangalore Karnataka crude oil reserve stock facility where UAE stocks it's oil for India and India is doomed. So they country will be out of oil and all those tanks India sends to...
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    Pakistan successfully test-fires Land based anti-ship missile

    To me it looks like a ramjet powered Anti ship missile. Because we already have got subsonic cruise missile... its something totaly new into our inventory...
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    breaking news:4 more MI 35

    I dont know I dont know why every one is pushing mi 35 for special forces deployment, you can deploy foces via standard transport helicopters... and that too in large numbers...
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    How Russian access to Pakistan's Gwadar port and CPEC will weigh against the Russo-Indian Relations

    Russia will never want to leave india... its a market of more than a billion people...and it is rising as major regional military and economic power... who stupid will want to leave such a place.... be realistic
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    breaking news:4 more MI 35

    Procurement of such assets are not decided overnight... ur answer seems to suggest that it has been decided bcoz of the terror wave... planing for such assets takes months, and alot of things needs to be considered... Seems to b the case...

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