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  • Assalam u alaikum.
    Must say, I love your threads and posts, they are much straight forward and patriotic.

    Allah Hafiz.
    Man you are asum i loved your model i have made a hell lot of models to but never got as much details as you got i dont know how you did it it looks like it was made by a machine it was so good i have saved those pics i hope you dont mind and they are not copy righted :p: and why not add a 3 ch servers in it with a brushless motor to fly it and again you did a terific job sir hands down
    hey what do you mean by that?

    "After reading all your lines, it remind me Russel Crowe and Ed Harris movie, A Beautiful mind."
    Thanks. I'll take a look and see if I can offer anything.

    "S2...need your opinion in ATGM thread..."

    Can you send me a link to the thread? I looked a bit but can't find it off-hand. Thanks.

    well Joshi ji links you forward me very entertaining, but lingo and discussion far and away from seriousness.
    Hey Man!

    Former elite member, How are you? Been reading a lot of your posts lately. You sure bring a lot of information for us including news articles. Keep up the great work!

    Haider, sir, you have raised some very interesting issues in reply to my question, i will reply to you tommorow inshallah, as i am running out of time, hope you donot mind, inshallah, tommorow, i will continue with my reply of your post:-)
    Came across some good posts from yourself.
    The mullah omar poster really made me laugh after seething with anger over what we are doing to our country.
    I sincerely hope we can reclaim our motherland from the thugs called Taliban.
    thanks Sir, i hope you are not taking me wrong, you guys are doing marvelous job. But these element sometime try to take advantage. Even some of forum exposing yourself as Pakistani, is calling a ban. But thanks again Sir.
    I came to know that I am Pakistani when first time came to USA.
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