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    indigenous aircraft carrier Vikrant delivered to Navy

    Not only it is not indigenous and it took India 20 years to complete the aircraft carrier. LOL ! Also India is planning on building aircraft carrier #3 and if it takes another 20 years to complete then it will become OBSOLETE before it even hit the water !!! LOL India in the mean time is...
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    US Deals Heavy Blow to China Tech Ambitions With Nvidia Chip Ban

    This means less income for NVidia.
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    indigenous aircraft carrier Vikrant delivered to Navy

    The Indian Aircraft Carrier is not 100% indigenous since the Engine is American claims ThePrint Editor-In-Chief Shekhar Gupta
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    India presents China a two-front problem, says US navy chief

    When India offer USA a military base in India = allowing USA to occupy the country just like how Japan is currently occupied by USA.
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    Taiwan Citizens Protest Against Nancy Pelosi's Visit As China Fumes At Taipei

    To make things worse, China-Hawks in India want to do the same thing Pelosi did : Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan Visit: Why Shashi Tharoor, Manish Tewari Want India To Dare China? Congress MP wants Lok Sabha speaker to head India delegation to Taiwan after Pelosi’s visit
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    Australian iron ore supplier embraces Chinese market with yuan settlement

    Yup. Soon the world will say GOODBYE to the American Dollar
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    India’s Top Cement Maker Paying for Russian Coal in Chinese Yuan !

    Russia did not want Indian Rupee and that's why India used Chinese Yuan.
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    BYD Continues to Outpaces Tesla !!

    Good News for Asians in general. First Tik Tok (Asian company) beats US social media platform such as Youtube, Instagram and Twitter etc Now another Asian company BYD beats US Tesla. I hope more Asian companies will beat Western/US companies or be on the par with them.
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    India slips seven positions to 101 in Global Hunger Index 2021, lags behind Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal

    Indian Nationalists will be very upset if they know about their country's Hunger Index ranking
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    U.S. authorities admit COVID-19 likely from nature and not genetically engineered

    However, Trump and his supporters will insist that Covid is man made.
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    Australian lobster smuggling threatens China's national security, top official says

    This smuggling should be stopped. !!!!
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    New low: 60-year-old British diplomat ‘sexually harassed’ in India

    Shame on you India for not doing anything to prevent females from getting raped
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    Tesla owner Elon Musk's net worth crosses $250 billion

    Thanks to Chinese buyers of Tesla Vehicles who pushed his personal wealth to record high of $ 250 Billion.
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    What China’s hypersonic test launch reveals about the global arms race

    The "China Threat" News is good News for the US Defence Industry. Now the USA can scare China's neighbors into buying more US weapons.
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    Chinese hypersonic research

    I share your same view

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