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  • I know Zaki has youtube links, but that could be because he is Elite. Also, his youtube link is pretty short. What is the link you want to use?
    "I heard that you are unhappy with a mod here as he slandered US..."

    You heard wrong. H203C4Nitrogen, please forgive me but I'm just not into posting these days. You guys are just fine without my comments and I'm fine not making any. I never say never so...maybe someday. Just not now.

    I don't know, i didn't even notice that it was deleted.

    I was going to bump it this morning but its gone... :/
    No. i dont know anything about IT. my designer did that. i will ask him. i just changed the design last night because an idiot had copied heavily paid design which i was having earlier so i dont want to use that anymore
    Its a voting system, which is done among the think tank themselves.

    A name is nominated and then all TTs vote on it, if it passes, the member becomes a TT, otherwise not. No single individual holds authority. Not even Webby can make a TT.

    Why any problem ???
    thread is closed so i cannot comment on it, however there is one extremely basic thing which such arguments do not take into account.
    What is a noble deed and why is it admired?
    If we say that there was no need for Prophets then we are saying that the intellect of a human makes him a noble creature by logical reasoning?

    What logic is there in not accepting a bribe or denying the advances of a lover out of wedlock if it makes one happy and satisfied?
    Certainly there is no logical explanation why we call somebody a saintly person when all he does is do unintelligent things like self sacrifice and adherence to principles which he calls morals but are not actually benefiting him...instead they make him stand behind others in gaining wealth, power etc.

    One wonders what actually defined a noble deed as noble...since by sheer logical reasoning many to most noble acts are stupidly self damaging...

    Clearly there is some higher model of virtue which has been defined and passed onto us by the very messengers which some thinkers deem redundant...messengers who through their example made it possible for humans to see what a noble deed is and what is its value in establishing a noble society...
    Nops buddy, you did not irritated me, i was reading the links you had given, as trying to make up whats going on, have to consult the others mods and mgt guys and then make a decision. As i have already closed the Atheism thread, and now reading others and trying to make decisions, as what you wrote is fine and carries weight.

    Will let you know as soon something is up, as have forwarded your e-mail to upper guys also, so that we have a concensus.

    Hope you don't mind the delay.

    There is always a point , we need to give our azan and it upto people if they waant to listen or not we will keep doing what we do.

    Do you disagree?
    Finals done.. Yeah EMT is heard.. but wait till you hit microwave.
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