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  • Never heard of the term "Jewish Preachers". I don't wear a beard myself, but I mingle with those who do, and I've never heard from them that it creates a problem with law enforcement. Either it doesn't cause them problems, or else what problems it does cause they don't find it worthwhile to mention in casual conversation.
    From what I can see, CE is not a big subject here so I wouldn't know much about it. As far as general conditions in Canada for students is concerned, international students will have to pay significantly more, around 4 times as much, as Canadian students. Also, Saskatchewan is a very cold place and the temperatures in winter go as low as -50 there so I wouldn't go there. Some university in Ontario or BC would be a better idea. Other than that, accommodations are easily available and there shouldn't be much problem with that.
    I have very little idea about that. What subject are you talking about, to be more specific? That would help.
    I read your reply regarding telecom engineering jobs in pakistan. I have done F.Sc from karachi board and obtained 83.8 percent marks. I am unable to decide among telecommunication,computer engineering and electronic engineering. I have interest in developing software as well as computer systems and gadgets. Please tell me which is better in terms of job opportunity and the skills which respective fields can impart to satisfy my interest.
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