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  • Sorry, been really busy and therefore no time to spend on the forum. With regards to your article, send it to Elmo, Asim, Santro/Oscar and myself and we will post it and review it for publishing in the Opinionator section.
    I know nothing about cricket. I don't see how the S. Asian obsession with can be very different than the U.S. obsession with football. Though it might be interesting to compare different nationalities playing strategies between Pakistan and India. Ex-U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger was a soccer fan - very unusual among U.S. adults - and he thoroughly believed that the soccer strategies of national teams and reflected their nation's character. So the Germans, for example, deployed their players methodically, according to rules, while Brazilians ran all over the place. How do Pakistanis and Indians differ in how they play cricket?

    His obsession had one clear application: in the 1970s satellite photographs of Cuba revealed new soccer fields. Kissinger knew that Cubans don't play soccer - but Russians do. Thus the deployment of a "secret brigade" of Soviet troops was discovered.
    I had quoted an example of an anti-Islamic, anti-Pakistani rant and asked how Pakistanis were supposed to fight it. The Webmaster said posting such rants - even in the context I did - was not permitted and banned me for a few weeks.
    Sir, I did read your reply. Thoughtful, and I understand, completely. I was reacting to the "atomic blow" phrase. The USA is the only nation to ever use atomic weapons in war, not simply in a test. That is undeniable. But the reason for doing so, and whether or not this was ultimately a moral act, is debatable, certainly. I believe my nation is moral and that its use of atomic weapons against Japan in 1945 was moral. People who think otherwise, I believe, are exercising historical hindsight and judgment. Another excample, frequently "thrown up" against any American comment on any subject is American slavery. Slavery existed for thousands of years in human cultures. The first cultures to end slavery were the Christian cultures of Europe, followed by the Christian cultures of the Americas, both North and /South. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died to end the practice of slavery in their own country. No other society in human history has had a civil war to end the social practice of slavery. Today, to look back and color what societies did 100 and 500 years ago using today's standards is, in my opinion, done with political motives. In the case of the USA, here on this forum, such arguments are "thrown-up" to delegitimize any other good or accomplishment of the USA. I very much resent that and will always rise to the occasion to rebut it.


    oh sorry bro, I wasn't here

    I did see this message from my mobile phone but I had no access to PC for couple of days so sorry

    I think its too late now so can't reply there any more
    If there is a good reason for it.. it can be done.. BUT there must be a good reason.

    i shall try my best to contribute but cannot view youtube in my office so it may take some time.

    All the best my friend and may you stay safe, healthy and sane (something i guess we have to wish for each other seeing how many members here are becoming twisted due to conspiracy theories and propaganda).

    "Dear Mr TruthSeeker

    Hope this message finds you in best of health.Even though you prefer to lay low and dont tend to post much but Would love to see your input in this thread. Kindly Contribute."


    I think you misdirected your message as I'm not TRUTHSEEKER. Still, an informative thread helping to visualize global progress. It's there to see. Income disparity between the rich and poor in each nation is the next battle. The richest in Pakistan live healthy and productive lives (for the most part). The head-start they've received by good health and education is a considerable advantage. So too in America and everywhere else in the world where such a benefit exists.

    How to transfer those advantages without transferring wealth but, instead, increasing the overall size of the money pot? That's the question.

    Absolutely loved it! It is really amazing and an excellent find. I am still enjoying the after effects of watching this amazing piece, frankly I got goose bumps! Are you involved with this?
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