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  • Hot threads-The same ol' ones that have to do with religions and OR Jana Ji....:P
    Do not involve yourself in that thread though because the mods will be dishin' out some Infractions for free........:)
    Guns N Roses, you have only received ONE infraction today. Where are you getting 3 infractions from?
    hi GUNS-N-ROSES,
    i like ur thread " How to murder a thread".
    u seems 2 b quite sensible person!!!..
    i m also from new delhi!!
    where u live in new delhi..

    man you should have not created that thread they just go out of control and will lead to nothing pakistanis will always try to say india was made in 1947 not pakistan we know the facts there books are all messed up they dont know the real histroy
    Use the report/PM option to inform forum administration of any wrongdoing. Do not accuse users randomly in thread posts.
    I think you are not that stupid... asking for link everytime... you can always search in google .... just Russia Interest in LCA MARK II and seach it will you several links and I hope you can read
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