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    Maryam Nawaz says open to dialogue with military establishment if PTI sent packing

    Kisi ny mariam ko keh dia hy k Pm bn k bnda phr se jwaan ho jata hy to bus nani esi jwani phir nhi ani k chkr m bongyan maar rhi hy
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    Featured ICAO may ban Pakistani airlines over pilot licensing issue in 188 countries

    Great time to remove extra bugs and political appointees or try to private this white elephant.
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    Featured Pakistan sends medical aid to Syria to fight Covid-19

    Mian saab se london sy bheji the.. Aur kaha tha pehli fursat me Syria bhijwa do via PIA
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    Featured Govt decides granting provincial status to Gilgit-Baltistan: PM Imran Khan

    But gb ko province bnany ka mansooba to miaan sab ny 2004 m jeddah me bnaya tha
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    Featured Govt decides granting provincial status to Gilgit-Baltistan: PM Imran Khan

    He is ptwari.. Calm down.. He ll degrade everything good from this gov.. Our rome is pakistan.. It was burning since 1947...where you were then? Was all that good.. Feeder politicians were in the power where u were? There were looter ruling making properties and personal empires in other...
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    Pakistan's Exports Surging At The Fastest Rate in South Asia

    Yes, its difficult to take interest for some ppl when mian saab getting no thing. Khota bryani is highly infectious to brains..
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    France - another terror attack: Orthodox priest wounded in shooting

    This time the war will end in your home town.. With remains of flesh and bones
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    Modi sold tea but Nawaz Shareef sold his country, says Indian journalist

    And shreef sold his motherland happily.. As the country was itifaq foundry's product..
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    Featured Imran Khan's letter to leaders of Muslim states to act collectively to counter the growing Islamophobia

    Im happy u hav opened ur eyes.. Happy that u hav started using ur brain but sad at same time that u r too late now damage has been done from 2008 to 2018.. Im as hopeless as you that khan can not get things right as fast as you want bcoz your loving democrates raped the system immensely that...
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    BREAKING: The White House is set to move ahead with the sale of 50 F35 fighter jets to the UAE.

    This was coming at the cost of palestine.. When Iman leaves the heart, people start to believe in strength of weapons instead of Allah's.
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    My statement on Abhinandan was taken out of context: Ayaz Sadiq

    Its called damage control... But u ppl r the worst creatures happened to this land
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    Featured DG ISPR says yesterday’s statement was attempt to disfigure Abhinandan issue

    These so called pakistan opposition goones dnt hav any thing to do with national security.. They only need and want personal security in all possible ways.. They need kingships, commissions, deals and they need slaves...

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