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  • I did look at spirulina and other algae as foodstuffs, but it was not on the list of potential projects offered to me.

    There was one about the role of amyloid proteins in alzheimers, but i really didnt like the professor leading that, so i passed on it. Sounds like something similar to what you might be interested in!

    I will do a masters, and see where it leads me. Im not too keen on the genetics side of molecular biology, even though i recognise its power.

    Where did you graduate from? Im at the Univ of Sheffield atm.
    Is that a good demotion? What projects have you done in the lab? I put a proposal for a project involving the production of biodiesel from algae, really hope i get into it!
    Hey i loved the information you provided regarding genetic sequencing. I'd like to stay in touch with you if i have further questions.
    Exposing truth has no issue, but what you wrote after posting the article showed the true nature of that thread being posted. That was the troll and am perfectly aware what was your intent. Plus, give a neural source other then only Indian news sources, as I read 2 english newspapers and a local urdu newspaper and as of today no such news in them.

    And by the way, Sikhs are Pakistanis and what the other people of Pakistan are facing, they being Pakistani will have to face the same pain from these foreign funded thugs.

    I do hope I don't have to remind the things done to the Sikhs in India which is and was mush worse then ever happened and will happen to the Sikhs on this side of the border.

    So post a reliable news source, without the intent to make into an inflammatory thread.

    Hope enough said and the msg conveyed.
    Hello Gubbi Sir, How are you? very very happy new to you and to your family . I know you're very strick when its come grammer . sorry Sir my english very poor but I am trying very to improve it and Alhamdulillah right now little bit imporved ..

    I read your all posts, they way you put your view I dont know what to say, Wallah you are too professional ....

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