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    Former PDF Member. Left June 2020.

    Former PDF Member. Left June 2020.
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    All four are Jinnah-class (with VLS).
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    Italy delivering surplus self-propelled howitzers to Pakistan Army

    Mechanized Brigades have been added to many Infantry Div's in the plains, in addition to the existing 3× Inf Brigades + Divisional Artillery. 33 Div is HQed at Quetta, but that doesn't mean its operations are limited to Balochistan.
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    SAAB-2000 Erieye delivery flight to PAF at ATHENS - 27/05/2020

    The May 18 Saab order has nothing to do with this delivery. From the first batch of 4× Saab 2000 Erieye, one was reduced to ashes in the terrorist attack, two more - one severely - were damaged and later repaired by PAC at a fraction of the cost quoted by Saab. The 5th aircraft came as...
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    SAAB-2000 Erieye delivery flight to PAF at ATHENS - 27/05/2020

    This is what I tried telling folks here on page 2. But, Pakistanis never stop fantasizing. Garbage article.
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    Italy delivering surplus self-propelled howitzers to Pakistan Army

    M109L in Pakistan! This example belongs to SP Medium Regiment, Mechanized Brigade, 33 Division.
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    Stand-off with China in Ladakh is India’s worst border tension since Kargil in 1999

    While the Indian public watches their army bend over at the borders, there is a very real risk some zealots will target Chinese nationals (and religious/ethnic minorities of course) to vent their frustration.
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    Pakistani Roads, Motorways and Highways

    Glad to know the NHA has again shown interest in the construction of the Jalkhad-Sharda road. Absolutely necessary. Should have been done much earlier. https://nha.gov.pk/en/tender/rfp-for-detailed-design-of-sharda-noori-top-jalkhad-road-km000-to-49000-length-37-km/
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    China-India Standoff 2020 - Outcome

    An interesting article by P. Stobdan. Lists major territorial losses suffered by IA in the last few decades. @Signalian @Mangus Ortus Novem For you.
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    China captured 5 to 4 km of "indian territory" beyond Chinese claimed territory (Gulwam valley).

    Ajai Shukla writes in his blog that The Pangong Lake intrusion has been especially bloody for the Indian soldiers there. Sources say 72 Indian soldiers were injured in the confrontation and some of them needed to be flown to hospitals in Leh, Chandi Mandir and Delhi. Former GOC-in-C of IA...
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    Artillery Divisions of Pakistan Army

    The process to permanently detach the SP Artillery Brigade from Artillery Division may well be underway now paving the way towards folding the Divisional assets into a Composite Artillery Brigade.
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    Pakistan Army's VT-4 Main Battle Tank | Updates & Discussions

    First batch of 2x VT-4 MBTs for Pakistan Army.

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