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    Thanks bro

    Thanks bro
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    CoronaVirus in US - Updates & Discussion

    OMG, how did it doubling the total cases from "3 millions to 6 millions" in less than 2 months while i was taking a break? what next? o_O Anyway, newest updates: "6,096,235" total cases along with "185,901" death toll
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    Hopefully, ‘carrier killer’ missiles would never be used in the South China Sea: Global Times editorial

    @Foxtrot Alpha @krash bro, please check out this mutiple IDs indian rat is coming back to pollute the forum once again, thanks in advance @korean= @takeitwithyou= @oneloveheretic= @rent4country
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    Hi bro, please check out this mutiple IDs indian rat is coming back again to pollute the forum...

    Hi bro, please check out this mutiple IDs indian rat is coming back again to pollute the forum, thanks in advance @korean= @takeitwithyou= @oneloveheretic= @rent4country
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    CoronaVirus in US - Updates & Discussion

    Well, judging by the adding of "180,000" new cases in less than 2 days, chances are the grim milestone of daily "100,000" new cases is right on the track Newest updates: "3,277,095" toltal cases along with "136461" death toll
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    Imagine being forced to live with your boss. That's the case for nearly 400,000 women in Hong Kong

    FAKED NEWS media has been raging a full scale faked news and propaganda war against my hometown Hongkong due to our new "National Security Law" And now even hiring maids thats "By law written on their contract to live with their employers" has becoming a "SIN" thats being "FORCED to live with...
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    China makes criticizing CCP illegal worldwide and applies to all non-Chinese nationals

    Anyone who will buy into such "BS" should be taking "IQ" test as soon as possible for the sake of admission to join the "STUPIDITY" club Native Hongkongers like me will certain laughing at how naive can people get Faked news medias twisting every single clause in our new "National Security Law"...
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    CoronaVirus in US - Updates & Discussion

    Daily new cases increased to around "60,000" , chances are it may reach the grim landmark of "100,000" daily trend sooner that we thought Updates:"3,098,882" total cases along with "134,027" death toll
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    CoronaVirus in US - Updates & Discussion

    What the hell? how did you add "260,000" new cases in 5 days? Oh well, other than the "3 millions" grim landmark has been achieved as predicted Worst of all, the "100,000" daily new cases threat is getting real...
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    India operated Chabahar Port sets record of loading 76 TEUs from Iran to India

    For god sake, is that even worthed a mention in real life? Perhaps post something worthwhile instead OK?:close_tema: https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/IS.SHP.GOOD.TU https://www.indexmundi.com/facts/indicators/IS.SHP.GOOD.TU/rankings
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    Death and destruction in China as flood rage

    @Foxtrot Alpha bro, is promoting religious means hatred against innocent common people that are suffering natural disaster allowed here? Also how about Indian trolls posting baseless insults against China for intention to do his little cowardly revenge for their humilating border skirmish...
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    India won’t allow Chinese companies to participate in highway projects, says Nitin Gadkari

    Focus more on your "Sexual violence pandemic" little man, you needed it ASAP:drag: https://www.indiatoday.in/diu/story/sexual-violence-pandemic-india-rape-cases-doubled-seventeen-years-1628143-2019-12-13
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    U.S. economy gains 4.8 million jobs, unemployment rate falls to 11.1 percent

    "another 1.4 million workers filed jobless claims last week" https://abcnews.go.com/Business/unemployment-rate-111-june-14-million-workers-filed/story?id=71557562 Coronavirus cases spiking in 45 US states. What that means for a second wave With rates of infection rising faster in some places now...
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    US-IND Defeated..53 Countries back China over Hong Kong and the National Security law.

    Brother, please understand the other side of the story regarding why we Chinese seems to be supporting or mocking the US "Blacklifematter" movement is for the reason below Read more:https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1190031.shtml