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    1. Last Hope
      Last Hope
      Assalam u alaikum.

      I downloaded TWICFILES on my iPad. The third version. Just wondering, how to start it? :hitwall: :lol:
    2. iPakMan
      I`m sorry if i was not clear enough, i am directly attacking Islamic laws. They are simply inhuman and need to be erased from this world. I do not care what a woman does with her life, as long as it is her choices, that is what freedom is all about. To up your life if you want to or live your life the way you want to. Now i know that you disagree with me and appreciate Sharia Law, so there really isn`t much to say other than time will tell which way of life stays and which way of life is erased.
    3. iPakMan
      Those acts are not brutal, they are inhuman. People who do this and abide by these laws are savages. nothing less.
    4. iPakMan
      Like i said "Muslim" in the title, was the title of the story from FOX. It was under Islamic law she was arrested for sex outside of marriage even though she was raped. That is why "Muslim" was in the title, the Australian woman was not a muslim. so she shouldn`t have been subjected to their perverted rules.
    5. divya
      forum aisde i would have cheered for pakistan if we would have lost. Only we deserve to screw with you guys no one else... :P

      but i really felt sad for afridi man your team was not in very good shape when they started and i never expected pakistan to even reach semi but they played really well. woh to hamara nehra nahi chala us din warna pakka pakistan jeet jaati
    6. iPakMan
      Isn`t UAE an islamic country? Governed by Islamic law?
    7. divya
    8. Last Hope
      Last Hope
      You dont get it ??
      That was editing, sir :P

      You being a graphician couldn't make that out? :O :lol:
    9. Last Hope
      Last Hope
    10. Last Hope
      Last Hope
      Nice. I surely would try to see them.
      There aways was a reason behind your user ID.

      Anyways, mind enlightening me with the name of Lead Designer? :P
    11. Last Hope
      Last Hope
      Wow. Nice to hear that. Doesnt it feel bad, developing a official game with out credits, whereas YOU laid the base?
    12. Last Hope
      Last Hope
      Assalam u alaikum.

      How are you ??
      Long time no see.

      Remember me?
      Old ID: proudpakistanistudent

      How is your Cricket game going?
      Whats the status?
    13. John Doe
      John Doe
    14. John Doe
      John Doe
      I see that you have chosen to avoid coming back on the Indian ammo thread where you claimed you have seen certain Doordarshan clippings. We still await your response. Or at least an edit of your false post.
    15. JonAsad
      Welcome back Sir :D
      can i have your high resolution avatar picture please?
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