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    1. Last Hope
      Last Hope
      Assalam u Alaikum dear Sir.

      A very very happy Ramadhan Kareem to you and your family.
      Hope Allah blesses you with his mercy, and fills your life with happiness, success and health.
      May He ease the problems in our life and make us better muslim. Ameen.

      What's the status of your immigration?
      And may I get the link of your Avatar, please?
      Its totally amusing. :)
    2. Leader
      I appreciate that :)
    3. Leader
      are you referring to the one conqueror started?
    4. Leader
      yar can you give me the link ? is it PTI political desk ? it should be something like "PTI-Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Discussion" this sticky would be better convey the message... what you say?
    5. Leader
      lets have some spicy discussion there...hehe....
    6. Leader
      oh thats good, Let me see, what we can discuss there...
    7. Leader
      thats not a good idea to make a sticky thread for PTI... its better to have more often news... we already have a sticky hakumat hatao, mulk bachao...
    8. Stealth
      ya sure brother ... i am available.. here is my portfolio on behance.net just uploading my files up coming days... few of work uploaded

    9. Last Hope
      Last Hope
      Those are really wise words, sir :)
      Yes, everything is written by Him. He knows what is good for us and what is bad, but even our thinkings and the way we look on situations matter. :)
    10. Last Hope
      Last Hope
      Immigration to Australia? Awesome! MashAllah you must be really lucky :)
      P.S. I personally dislike Pakistanis settling in other Nations, espicially now a days, after the situation is tough for Pakistan. We must stay here and save our motherland.

      Anyways, my best wishes for your future. May Allah bless you with happiness and lots of lots of success. Ameen. :)
    11. Last Hope
      Last Hope
      Assalam u Alaikum.
      How are you?
      Been a long time.

      How is everything going? Great I hope :)
    12. Last Hope
      Last Hope
      Assalam u Alaikum.

      How are you sir? Been a while since last chit chat :)
      Try searching for this 'Red Alert' game for iPad/iPhone.

      Was wondering if you can create something like this?
      It would be a great shot :D

      Take care.
    13. KS
      tiny little unanswered question are not important before the huge facts staring in our face mate.....
    14. KS
      The US Treasury press release was about 2 years before the ISI case when both Pak and US were cosy with each other.

      Anyway as I said you will not believe that since some Pakistanis even now believe Mumbai was a False flag.

      So nothing to prove here.
    15. KS
      Duh well ok.

      I thought you might accept because I thought you might have a knowledge on Indian political conditions.. But then it seems you dont.

      Anyway according to us, as of now LeT is the culprit which has been substantiated by a third party US and the confessions of David Headley and his wife Fouzia O'Talha and unless this case of Right wing terrorism is proved in our court of law this is just an allegation and just wait to see what i said is true or not.
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