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  • Hey someone from *** wanted to invite you to ****************. The forum is good forum for people who are interested in serious debate with less nonsense.
    I must say we got off on the wrong foot on the Palestine picture thread so......recap.......
    Shalom, it appears we have a mutual friend in Parashuram1, I couldn't help but read that "I was treated better in Pakistan than in Britain" and I was compelled to ask, have you visited Pakistan ? Normally it is impossible for Israelis to be allowed entry into Pakistan and vice versa.......
    I know Europe has been caught up int a bit of neo-socialism due to most migrants from middle eastern countries gaining high offices especially the Britain with its Lord Ahmed. And to be honest, I don't like it. We were ruthlessly criticized for the minaret ban that is not a part of our culture in our country, that too even when we didn't even demand any other country to do anything for us.

    I sympathize with you for Britain's stupidity. Everyone is not an idiotic socialist in Europe. Infact, a large section of European population is fed up of the menace caused by the likes of Lord Ahmed and his followers in Europe (which mostly has migrants of the same fundamentalist nature). You should come and see this especially in Germany and even in my country, Switzerland. We are not anti-Semitic people and respect your culture and faith as any other. I myself am a 'minority' when it comes to faith (I am a Hindu) and our country doesn't discriminate anyone on the basis of religion, as long as it is not contradictory to Swiss culture which is not the case with Jews.

    I am aware of Israel's flawless security approach and their tech-savvy military. I am not ignorant of the problems in the middle east, it is just that I don't want to take sides completely. I believe your country has as much rights to exist as much as any other country around the world.

    Much appreciate your effort to educate me on the situation. The best thing about joining the Pakistani forum, I get to know about the situation in middle east equally well. Thanks for your contribution that would enable me to understand the other side of this coin in a much more unbiased way.
    I understand your anger, but in the eyes of international court, this matter is equally important both from your side as well as from the side of Arabs. Besides, I don't see any Arab participant cursing your country here except for maybe Pakistanis and a couple of Palestinians.

    I am a frequent visitor to Bahrain, Oman and UAE and they are really open countries who might consider having a diplomatic ties with all countries around the globe and are quite liberal. Despite a non-democratic setup, these 3 countries have a very good administrative structure and people live in relative ease and comfort here. Most of the noise comes from Saudi, Syria, Kuwait, Pakistan, Libya (who doesn't like us Swiss either for some stupid reason), Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Iran. Other than that, I don't think any other country is disturbed with Israeli existence.

    You'd notice that most countries who make a hue and cry about Israel are the countries that have absolutely no conflict with them whether diplomatic or even for that matter, territorial.

    Well since the matter is exclusively regarding Israel and Palestinian authority, I would not comment much on this. However, I agree with you about certain members' wrong attitude.
    That is simply because a forum that doesn't have the discussion-worthy opinions of perceived rivals/enemies, would be a one sided-ballgame which would again ruin the whole purpose of a debatable forum. For instance, the day I set my foot (fingers and eyes rather) in this forum, I understood that Pakistan's major threat perception from is its immediate neighbourhood--India and the second threat perception is from you, followed by the United States considering the 'cleaning house' operations it is undertaking just beside Pakistani territory.

    I would understand a country to be a bit worried and even paranoid if the entire world keeps guessing bombing operations from either side of its borders into its territory, but two things that I still don't understand is its needless enmity with you and the fact that someone can be an ally as well as a perceived enemy--United States, at the same time.

    This is what is my current focus on understanding the Pakistani perception on this forum-- understanding how to perceive a country as a potential enemy and an ally at the same time. Because there are threads that praise the United States with bent knees whenever a military aid equipment for WOT is handed down---however, the next day it all changes to the "Zionist conspiracy" to arm-twist Pakistani government.

    I assume it would take sometime to understand this perception. I would recommend you to observe this as well since if I am unable to understand, you could help me, though you aren't neutral. :)
    Well there is no point in doing that either. Because no matter what, an Australian, a Swiss, an American, a British immediately becomes a "Zionist or Indian" in a matter of seconds which is very insulting especially towards non-Indians. I am not an Indian and I have certain views that differ Pakistanis despite being from a neutral country. Because what is wrong will be called wrong no matter whatever country one belongs to.

    I agree with you regarding the not worried about being accused of a hidden nationality, but over time don't you think it becomes a personal insult? As such your immediate words become a "Zionist propaganda". I myself am not too fond with some of Israel's policies but I believe that it is your personal matter with the Palestinian authorities and therefore I won't comment on this bilateral issue.

    I guess the regional rivalry in South Asia is so severe that the paranoia of a hidden rival national is heavily present all over the forum. This was the whole point for me to join this defence forum... to know more about South Asia and Pakistani perspective about the world and especially its neighbouring rival.

    What about you?? Any specific interests in the region?
    Oh no, there is no need to apologize. we are all humans and we are naturally incensed if something of ours is blamed or is pointed out in negative light. I was actually amused by your outburst in one of the threads and this is what caused me to write to you.

    You might want to be a bit careful on this forum as people even with concrete facts are declared trolls in a matter of seconds; or for that matter, anyone who doesn't agree with the views of host members becomes an Indian automatically. Since you already are an Israeli, so they might not have suspicions.

    Although I must tell you, I wasn't so fortunate when I was immediately branded as an 'Indian' when I stood up for my country--- Switzerland in a thread highlighting Libya's Mr. Gadhafi''s hatred against us for banning minarets.
    Hello. I must say, you are quite direct in your answers after sometime when you lose your patience. :)
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