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  • Hey man, don't bother arguing with the Chinese. They're just too arrogant and only abuse flags. BTW you have a very good knowledge on military history. :)
    yep, i checked it out. a lot of members from pdf too. guess it's interesting site. surprised to see zaki there as well.
    maybe the guy is trying to make name for himself this way....or he is not indian as everyone else thinks.

    OR he knows that posting bunch of threads on online wouldn't change **** in real life. Well...if that's the reason ...he is a smart guy, i would say.
    Well mate, I was never a devout practicing Hindu, but I know that it considered a religious custom for pilgrims to bathe in the river, if that is what you are asking. As far as I know there are no financial issues associated with this practice.

    It is also true that the ashes of cremated corpses are sent into the river - this however, is a selective process, but the selection depends more on caste than finances.

    It is also worth noting that in Bihar, the caste mentality is far more ingrained than in the rest of India. This, in my opinion, is one of the reasons why it hasn't been as successful as the rest of India in modernizing.
    Greetings. My post has been taken to be very offensive by Indian members though that was never the attention. If you may, I could ask you the question here. From my understanding, as little as it is, I thought only ashes of already exhumed bodies were destined for the Holy river Ganges. Is this a selective process or is this more tied to finances-- such as being able to afford the services?
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