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  • Nah, Pakistani and proud of it. I do love Turkey's culture and heritage though. As a Pakistani, it's always been a great place to visit. I've studied Turkish history, which is how I came to know about the events I posted about.
    Many thanks. Appreciate your feelings. Yes, why not? It is possible we could talk sometime. Regards.
    if u in karachi.then there will be lecture on sunday.this one.timing 11am-3pm.at defence libarary auditorium near punjab chorangi.speakers orya maqbool jan,hamid gul,adnan kaka khel,and also telephonic khatab of dr qadir.bring nic with.topic pakistan ko darpesh chalanges aur un ka hal.
    bring as many people as u can.and i hope we will meet there
    oh yar this signature statement is just a creation of my own mind, nothing to do with Allama Iqbal, I just added Allama Iqbal because it would spicy up the statement... :lol: its obcourse not related to Allama Iqbal...
    na bro, I didnt get any email from you... I hope you sent on the right email ID... its not on gmail... often I make such mistake... you can ask me whatever you like here as well... no issue whatsoever... my apologies for any bad feelings that occurred because of it...
    Was interesting to know that you are related to our heroic Ace.
    Pay him regards from someone who always admired him.
    We are lucky to have such people in our ranks, may they inspire us to defy the odds and make our motherland proud.
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