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    Hey Webmaster, can you please inbox me. I need to discuss something.

    Hey Webmaster, can you please inbox me. I need to discuss something.
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    Taliban Hold Open Meetings in Pakistan to Discuss Leadership

    And try to flood our country, and then cry about "racism against Pashtuns", and how its only Pakistan army's fault that they're fighting like dogs. The solution to Afghanistan's problem is that the Tajik majority areas including Kabul merge with Tajikistan. The Uzbek areas with Uzbekistan and...
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    9 Mind Blowing inventions by Pakistanis

    Although the news' title was misleading, this fellow here did not even bother to read the article before sharing it with a propaganda statement. Oh and a massive failure by Canadian immigration authorities. Lol.
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    India nabs SecondKasab - QASIM KHAN

    Wow the terrorist seem rather happy for having been caught.
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    PPP ~ Development projects and modernisation of Sindh

    Lol if you expect development from a leader who couldn't even graduate high school, yes I'm talking of Zardari(may gd gave us strut), then good for you. This Qalandri guy got banned on skyscrapercity lol. There's a strong leadership crisis in the country. Almost every young and intelligent...
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    Visit to APS leaves Sri Lanka legend Jayasuriya emotional

    Not to derail the thread, but notice that not a single Arab came till yet, yet we're always protesting for Palestinians and what not...
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    Dar believes govt’s prudent policies have revived economy

    It's only because of lower oil prices and zarb-e-azb. Growth rate of 4.5% shameless compared with the south asian average of 7.2%. Lower oil prices are a perfect opportunity for Pakistan to breach the 5% at least, but Nawaz had to put his relative in finance ministry.
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    Mullah Omar Is Dead

    AKUH is Ismaili owned. Why would they treat a "jaahil" uneducated terrorist who'd kill shias and Ismailis. Clueless western media.
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    Leader of Haqqani Network Jalaluddin Haqqani dead- Afghan Taliban

    He looks like as if someone bred a human with a beast.
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    A Dancer Girl reveals What Punjab Police Did With Her - Really Shameful

    Punjab police has atoned for all its sins by extra judicially killing almost the entire leadership of lashkar e jhangvi.
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    Inside the Mysterious ‘Death’ of Taliban Leader Mullah Omar

    “Without Mullah Omar, I hate everything", said Mullah Zakir(according to the article). Wow this mullah appears to have had a massive haram crush on mullah Omar.
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    Major Eviction Operation at Afghan Basti (I-11) Islamabad, going on.

    Yeah I was wondering about that. These bunch of Lahori leftists and Peshawari pashtunistanists know nothing about the issue, yet won't stop farting out of their mouths because they think they sound intelligent(when they don't in reality). These people are illegally occupying property which...
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    Major Eviction Operation at Afghan Basti (I-11) Islamabad, going on.

    Also, notice the fuss this news has caused in Pakistan's left(the most hypocritical and racist in the world, which is exactly the opposite of actual leftism). But when news of Punjabi and Seraiki labourers getting shot come from Balochistan, I don't see a single protest by them and dead silence...
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    South Africa begins crackdown on target killers from Pakistan

    MQM's wanted terrorists reside in South Africa, Sri Lanka and Thailand. During the late 90s, some hardened terrorists from MQM's militant wing got asylum from Ahmed Shah Massoud.