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    Tsunami to touch every corner of Pakistan: Imran

    I am browsing on mobile, can you tell me who is in your PP?
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    Why Geotv after Amir Khan personal life

    Well Amir and his family themselves decided to go public, you cannot blame media now. Same media made them celebrities.
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    Tsunami to touch every corner of Pakistan: Imran

    PM has so many other commitments, he has to travel and meet so many VVIPs. How can you expect anyone to take you seriously as crusader as long as you have Ajju Bhai in profile photo, reeks of double standards and hypocrisy.
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    Tsunami to touch every corner of Pakistan: Imran

    Nobody is crying, Lahore is developing very fast. Imran Khan is spreading Anarchy in name of protests.
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    Air Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa Appointed IAF Chief

    Air Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa Appointed IAF Chief Air Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa is a Kargil war veteran and first-rate fighter pilot. Commissioned in the IAF in June 1978 as a fighter pilot, Dhanoa is an alumnus of Rashtriya Indian Military College, the National Defence Academy...
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    Breakfast for Rs 5, lunch for Rs 8 under Rajasthan govt's 'Annapurna Rasoi'

    Why not give this task to Gurudwara's in India? Infact there all sections of society eat together and utensils are properly washed. Full hygiene plus people do voluntary seva. Sometimes I do want all poor and backward castes in India to convert to Sikhism or Buddhism at the least. It will push...
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    OnePlus 3T is Now Available in Pakistan for Rs. 64,999

    US $ 439 phone costs Rs. 29,999/- in India, it should be around 46,000 in Pakistan. In India you pay almost same price as US customers, other than slight premium on Apple.
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    Confirmed: Suzuki Vitara Makes its Entry in Pakistan

    India runs on 'kitna deti hai', mileage is everything not reliability. Suzuki cars sold in India have tin build quality, most selling Swift got 0 in NCAP rating, There are no structural reinforcements and ABS/Airbags are not mandatory. Same Swift is 180 KG heavier in European market. India...
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    Lt.Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa the new COAS - Lt.Gen Zubair Hayat new CJCSC.

    He is a Jatt, not your bull-kutta.
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    Who's Pakistan biggest enemy?

    Pakistani's short cut - jugaad mentality. There is a system/process in everyplace but Pakistani's don't follow it. Overconfidence is its biggest downfall. You cannot have American attitude with Bangladeshesque economy. There is no individualism and creativity in Pakistan. Pakistani's are not...
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    On Diwali, Hundreds attack Hindu homes and temples in Bangladesh, Police were silent during attack

    What is their fault? India should open its border for Hindus, Sikhs living in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan.
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    Why no action yet against source of dawn leaks?

    It's a Punjabi phrase. Hindi/Urdu - Baat khatam karo Punjabi - Gall Muqao Eg. We say 'Tel Muqq gyaa' (Oil has finished/No more oil in bike tank). Mukmuka means to compromise, and reach a conclusion and not to hold it against each other. Done and dusted. Similar to Rfaa-dfaa. My above post...
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    3G Internet Data Service in Pakistan?

    Even if there's no 3G, They should provide proper Edge/2G service (reliable 256kbps Unlimited). I pay approx INR 500 for 5GB 3G Data plan from Cellone/Reliance, speeds are always above 6mbps. Separate broadband for home PC usage.
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    Govt silently watches Pakistani rupee losing like anything

    They collect taxes from us middle class and distribute it free for vote-bank, to get voted into Govt by enticing the poor. Giving education and employment guarantee will work against them, so they are not bothered. Famous political clans in South Asia want to remain in power for next 100 years.
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    Automotive Industry development in Muslim countries

    LOL front face is lifted from Hyundai Verna, Side profile is lifted from VW Vento/Skoda Rapid.

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