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  • Pls condemn the killing of the two sisters in sopore by LET in your signature as posting articles is not allowed. They don't have the balls, but we are from Gandhi's land and we do.
    I get your point. I have in fact asked Mods to allow me to change my ID. Untill I get a reply I will continue to use this pic.
    While I do agree with that, but the usage of Sikhs as infiltrated Taliban has been a long speculated strategy on behalf of the Indians due to similar facial features and rugged body structures.
    Before jumping of your seat, should have asked for clarification.

    You were banned due to the mixture of the words you used in your reported post, had you used some better way of posting your sentence, things would have been different. Your msg gave the impression as if you are threatening the mods, but after you posted the clarification about the intent of your reported message, it was me who unblocked you, not spark or someone else, as i realized my mistake in understanding your english.

    So next time, before you jump up the seat and accuse anyone, do know the whole story and ask the other person about the reason for being banned too.

    But still, i can understand why the Indians hold the drudge against me, its natural.

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