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    Uncle Uncle arrest Imran Khan

    No doubt. Urdu speakers/Sindhis played the biggest part in creation of Pakistan.
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    Uncle Uncle arrest Imran Khan

    I understand the sentiment and gripe baloch and pakhtuns have towards present day pakistan leadership/army. But you guys should not make it an ethical issue and generate hatred towards Punjabis. Punjabis are fed up with the system as well. We are all in this together!
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    Mobilisation time: Let's take it all back.

    Another major catalyst is needed.
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    Mobilisation time: Let's take it all back.

    There's no hope. Even with the current situation and everything happening in plain sight, there is very little outcry from awam. Pakistan is nation of 220+ million. Any self respecting nation would have long ago broke the chains of slavery imposed onto them by our military elite.. IK should...
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    Ishaq Dar no longer a proclaimed offender

    Pakistan is a lost cause. Only country where the inmates run the asylum.
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    Islamabad HC announced Maryam's appeal verdict in Avenfield case

    Now she will given her passport and fly out to London as if nothing happened. Pakistan is a lost cause. Thank you Neutrals! Dhaistan Zindabad!
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    Pakistan to observe day of mourning tomorrow over Queen Elizabeth’s death

    Pakistanis as a whole are ball-less. Where are our educated youth? Any self respecting nation would have rose up against tyranny a long time ago.
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    Maryam Nawaz Another Audio Leaked About Health Card Program

    she's been trying to flee for weeks now... seems like she knows what's to come in coming days. I wouldn't be suprised if she lands in London before the end of the week. Lanat on her boot wearing handlers
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    Dar the Dracula Returns to Pakistan

    Pakistan is such a sad example of a country. No rule of law. Sadly nothing will change until generals are held accountable for meddling in politics.
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    Another leaked audio. PTI resignations being discussed apparently

    army is behind these leaks. even a child can see through their new topi drama, good cop/bad cop between house nawaz and house shahbaz nothing will come of this, this is not the 90s anymore. people can see through their BS.. we hate all sharifs, zardaris and their boot wearing handlers
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    Our Royal PM and his crew staying in this hotel

    The US consulate in NY has plenty of room for a normal sized delegation... but we all know showbaaz and his brother like to treat all their tolas to state paid holidays. God Knows how many buffoons showbaaz brought with him.
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    Shahbaz Sharif introduce his allies to Donald Lu : Mission accomplished

    by relationship you mean, a John and a prostitute.
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    King Charles personal bodyguard is a British Pakistani

    Not anything to be proud of for us. I'm sure him and his family are happy as I'm guessing being Charles bodyguard pays well. I would hope atleast. But, why are we boasting about it here? As if its a great accomplishment for us Pakistanis. Many People during British occupation probably felt the...
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    Pakistan, Indonesia delegations in Israel for secret talks- JPost report -Imported Govt making secret deals without approval of 220million Pakistanis

    How can the awam demand Israel free Palestine, when our awam themselves are slaves to dollar loving Generals

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