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    Countdown for GSLV-F05 launch (First operational flight of indigenous cryogenic engine)

    The INSAT-3DR satellite. The two halves of the GSLV-F05’s payload fairing are seen to either side. INSAT-3DR 1. Advanced meteorological satellite with an imaging System and an Atmospheric Sounder. 2. INSAT-3D, launched in 2013, provides vertical profiles of temperature (40 levels from surface...
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    Countdown for GSLV-F05 launch (First operational flight of indigenous cryogenic engine)

    http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/science/Isro-starts-countdown-for-GSLV-F05-launch/articleshow/54045874.cms Isro starts countdown for GSLV-F05 launch The countdown for the launch of Isro's advanced weather satellite INSAT-3DR on-board GSLV-F05 commenced at 11.10 hours on Wednesday...
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    India to become aircraft maintenence hub

    Getting back to the topic..... Lot of potential in the MRO business for India as we operate a substantial number of commercial aircrafts. The number is projected to grow exponentially in future. The Indian Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry was worth USD 800 million in 2011 and...
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    The Tejas Mk1 versus the Kfir Block 60

    Some stupidities have no end. What similarities do you see in these two planes? (Don't say delta wings, that would be childish) Maybe from side angle... Nope , still no similarities! Realize that there is a sea of difference between a pure delta and a cranked delta. The only impact...
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    Air-Independent Propulsion For Last Two Scorpene Submarines Ready: DRDO

    I had the pleasure of visiting NMRL a few years ago and saw some of this tech with my own eyes. The AIP has been a major thrust area for NMRL (simplified, it is a rozi roti ka sawal for them). This system is unique in the sense that it was developed to be better than the offered options...
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    Air India Opens Asia's Largest Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Facility at Nagpur

    The P-8I fleet of IN might benefit from this when the MRO capability for 737 comes online. This apart, Nagpur has a great potential to be an aero industry hub owing to it's central location, hot and dry weather, availability of large swaths of land etc.
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    India successfully tests Nirbhay cruise missile

    1. Next two tests should be for validating the basic design and functions, so expect both of them in next 12-18 mths. 2.Yes, you are right. But I was talking about challenges not priorities. Naval ship based and land based versions will be the easiest to develop. The AF and Sub version are a...
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    India successfully tests Nirbhay cruise missile

    Congratulations to DRDO for the successful testing of Nirbhay LRCM! A long awaited event which has generated huge excitement and equally huge butthurt here on PDF. Guys, we have had our fun and frolic celebrating the successful launch. It is time we analyse this missile...
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    Mangalyaan Clears Crucial Test - the main engine has a "perfect burn"

    Now, waiting for 24th morning! Godspeed !
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    Is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan better than Lata Mangeshkar?

    That explains it! I retract my statement. :cheers: A. R. is one of the greatest composers of our gen , no doubt about that!
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    Is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan better than Lata Mangeshkar?

    Do not compare musical legends. Both of them are god's gifts to us mortals. As for some misconceptions here.... 1. Lataji is not just a playback singer she has done a lot of work with classical base. You have to listen to some of her non filmi songs to realise this. If this sound is not...
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    India Can Export Fighter Planes, Missiles, Says DRDO Chief

    This thread has lost its track! Just a few points to put the focus back on key issues. 1. This is not only about LCA! Why do we forget that Dhruva, Rudra, LCH, Akash, pragati and many others (like EW systems,SONARS etc.) have a much higher potential of being a successful export...
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    Indian Political Corner | All Updates & Discussions.

    He was burnt real bad by Mr Amit Shah during the interview. This is one huge butthurt!:chilli::chilli::chilli:

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