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    The Chinese collapse

    Peter Zeihan has been constantly wrong lol. Does anybody take him seriously? He said that China would collapse in 2005, https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/stories/2005/02/21/newscolumn1.html, and then in 2010 said they would collapse in 10 years.
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    Fan Account of Air Marshall Shahid Latif becomes a disgrace

    Why would the Talibs remove TTP when they can be used against Pakistan as proxies? The Talibs also said they wouldn't allow Al-Qaeda but they lied about that too. Every single Afghan government becomes anti-Pakistan eventually, whether it's the Communists, Monarchists, Nationalists or Islamists.
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    Fan Account of Air Marshall Shahid Latif becomes a disgrace

    But what's stopping IK from being deposed next time on a whim, if it's happened dozens of times before?
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    Are TTP mullah coming in Swat, Again?

    I don't even think it's possible now. Where will the money come from especially considering Pak will have to fight the Afghan Taliban too in such a scenario? The best chance was when Ghani fell and no one was on the border. Pak state completely powerless against TTP (haven't managed to bring...
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    Are TTP mullah coming in Swat, Again?

    Military should obviously be blamed. But IK lobbied for their handlers internationally. IK also promoted Pak-Afghan bhai bhai BS and sent millions in aid to them. Also used propaganda on Pak citizens to make them more sympathetic towards TTP and other terrorists by using religion in politics.
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    Are TTP mullah coming in Swat, Again?

    The solution is a permanent Turkish-style occupation of Eastern Afghanistan and the solidifying of the Pak-Afghan border. Long term goals should be the creation of Khorasan and containment of Afghan tribalists.
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    US Reagan carrier Moving Away from Taiwan Island When Chinese Navy Started The Drill Around The Island !

    Can Taiwan even shoot Chinese missiles down? So far, they haven't downed any despite flying over/into their airspace.
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    First ever visit by a serving Saudi Arabian Land Forces chief to India

    Bangladesh was just impossible to defend. The simple answer is geography. India surrounds Bangladesh on 3 sides and it's all flat plains, basically a nightmare to defend, and to add to that, they had a 10:1 manpower advantage in the East and complete air, naval and logistics dominance.
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    TTP commander Abu Darda killed in North Waziristan, 4 soldiers injured

    For one, Kashmiris are only armed with small pistols.
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    Point mobilization of decisive force (terrain, vastness, manpower constraints)

    Pakistan doesn't have the economy nor manpower nor resources to take on India, Afghanistan and Iran all by itself. It's like asking why the Poles have American bases in their country, because if they didn't, then they'd have to have 10% of their GDP in military spending to deter Russia.

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