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    1. Taimur Khurram
      Taimur Khurram
      "Muslim Punjabis don't have much to talk about, if at all."

      Did you even read my OP? Also, the Khokhars became Muslim.
      1. Gandhi G in da house
        Gandhi G in da house
        Not all. Many Khokars are still Hindu and many are Sikh also. In any case, the one thing that they are known for i.e. killing of Muhammad Ghori was done by Hindu Khokhars.
        Jul 24, 2019
      2. Taimur Khurram
        Taimur Khurram
        I meant the dynasty itself. And whilst that's what they're known for, their best achievement was conquering Delhi and establishing a vast empire, something which they did once they converted to Islam.
        Jul 24, 2019
    2. A_Poster
      Nick Indian,

      Which thread about anti-Indian Bengalis? I did not find it listed in your history when I tried to search it for entertainment.
    3. genmirajborgza786
      long time no see ?
    4. Mosamania
      Thanks bro. Of all the Indians o this forum I like you the most by the way. :D

      Really level headed and open minded guy. Pretty rare from where we live.
    5. Sher Malang
      Sher Malang
      Unluckily my friends aren't interested in defense related stuff!! they can't achieve anything from propaganda because they need to change frequently their propagandas nowadays! I only feel sad about these Pakistani members here, when they will accept the facts that they are more rapidly going down than us in last couple of years.
    6. Mosamania
      I remember you having extremely negative views on KSA.. What happened? xD
    7. PteX
      True, but it is sometimes too tempting to disprove all the lies they've been fed. Reading some of their posts does make one laugh a bit.
    8. Arian
      Good to know that friend. Yes, I got your point.
    9. Arian
      Well, I couldn't talk in behalf of other Iranian members on PDF, but about myself, I consider myself a cosmopolitan person, I consider people from different cultures as the same as me. About India, I don't hate India because it hasn't been hostile toward us as far as I remember. I know even some pro-Iran Indian people on this forum. Sometimes when Indians side with Israelis or Arabs against Iran and they say insulting things to Iran I may reply back, but that doesn't mean that I hate India. Some Indians come and provoke us, but those people don't shape my opinion about India for sure. So I hope you don't misunderstand me.
    10. Arian
      why do you say that Nick?
      I can't send you private messages, but why do you think I don't like India? I don't dislike India at all. You're wrong my friend.
    11. EagleEyes
      Like i said, we dont have time to moderate such threads. So we will close or delete them rather looking for posts to delete in order to save the thread. The thread is not suppose to be there at all.
    12. EagleEyes
      Indian economy threads are not allowed. We dont have time to moderate such crap that goes in there.
    13. Harry Potter
    14. Abingdonboy
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      2. Nilgiri
        Nick, Consider joining my discord, abingdonboy and many others are there...just chill place to hangout and keep in touch: discord(dot)gg/xA4vvPA
        Aug 2, 2019
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    15. void_0in
      bc we sikhs are Indians...do you need to prove all this in front of stinking pakis ?
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