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  • Hello Gabbar singh...you know i like your posts very much!!...and thanks for the swagatam!!
    Yeah gr8 news :) i read it when you posted.

    no not on him, i was just trying to save the forum from degrading. i mean baseless trolling abt hinduism in every possible thread is only gonna derail the threads. i mean on the 'indian american girl rape' thread he concluded it was because brahmin racism is on the rise in india :)

    its only flaming based in cultivated hatred. not good.
    Tumhe kya lagta hain main tumhe hindu troll kahatha kya?

    Mera tumse koyi dushmani nehi...

    Sorry to disturb you.
    Hey buddy,you know why sambha was banned?? Man,he posted 100 in a single day!!!
    Just speak from your hart and dont get carried away with imosions. They way I look at it is that they are humans too, different thinking but humans. If somebody is trolling I get angry too.
    Gabbar, I've been reading your posts, and your patience and stability of thought is very impressive. i get mad very easily and slip into using sarcasm far too often, but your patience is cool.

    Teach me some :)
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