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  • My good buddy comm was banned,and he didnt turn up with his blackened face after that........hmm,thnx for the info gabbar,neo hinted about that when we had several chats on another forum......regards
    just kidding yaar dil pe mat le

    wesy bhi gabber dil per nhi leta

    i am from multan right now in jeddah saudi.
    kithy gabber sarkar sunao koi thakur ka ata pata? suna hai thakur tera koi bandobast ker raha hai?.lol
    ok!..if it is true then why is it so?is it because of the khalistan movement and the 84 riots?? but then there are so many sikhs living outside punjab in the adjoining states...what do they do?there are so many punjabi landowners in and around Kalka,haryana..my mama livs as a tenant in a Sardarji's house??...and there are so many industrialists in haryana from punjab who buy land in these states eg.Parwanoo in HP and gurgaon in Haryana...
    come on Gabbar "Punjabies can't buy land in HP, Haryana and Rajasthan"...The owner of DLF(Indias largest real estate firm),Kushal pal singh is a billionaire today...more than half the land in Gugaon,Haryana is owned and developed by him.
    oh that is news to me..!!!
    Why cant you buy land from Haryana and Rajsthan... what about all those sikhs livin in and owning businesss in these states i mean atleast in haryana..??? How do they do that?? And yes HP nobody can buy land there..

    and sikhs forced to register marriage in hindu marriage act is also surely unfair.. then lets all support uniform civil code.. even i dont want to be registered under the so called hindu marriage act..!!!!! But i am sure if there where protests surely these unfair laws would definitely been thrown out.. without a second though as everyone can really understand it as unfair as they understand killing and corruption as unfair..!!! However i shall do my research more on this and get back to you though..!!!!
    Ok fair enough afriend.

    1. Punjabies can't buy land in HP, Haryana and Rajasthan.
    2. Sikhs are forced register thier marriges under Hindu marrige act, Pakistan has Sikh marrige act.
    This just couple of examples, some of them goes back to 1947 such as what Nehru offered Sikhs to join India and when we finally gained indipendence, Nehru didn't kept his word.
    Hey gabbar.. surely i would like to know..!!! Because i need to really re-check all is well india concept that i have..!!!!! Becuase never i ever i have ever thought of sikhs as a second class..citzens because i have grown seening them powerfull in all walks of life..!!! neverthless sure i can reconsider my perception if you can give some examples..!!!
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