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    1. Jigs
      Excuse me ?
    2. EagleEyes
    3. VelocuR
      Oh thanks mate!
    4. VelocuR
    5. khanz

      watch out haraam brigade on the attack again i have a feeling i'm gonna have an e-fatwa on my head soon lol
    6. ahmed_naj
      mate, if you do find a pirated copy of slackistan on the net please send me the link
    7. Last Hope
      Last Hope
    8. H2O3C4Nitrogen
    9. Last Hope
      Last Hope
      Who exactly is in your Avatar?
    10. Horus
      Mathematical values cannot be applied to everything , which means i cannot give you a percentage of balance between fundamentalism and liberalism.

      If you want to describe my type of Pakistan the best way to describe is to read Iqbal because he was the man who had the dream and the idea not mr Jinnah. Mr Jinnah worked to fulfill Iqbal's ideology.

      I want a Free , Fair , Democratic , Independent , powerful and humble society exactly what Iqbal wanted.

      You need to do research for WHY millions left their homes , businesses , property , loved ones , graves of their ancestors and society they had build in centuries on just ONE call !

      I am sure you and your family in US wont come to Pakistan on one call of a random guy , leaving everything behind.

      Pakistan came at a heavy price that we still are paying , it has been build on the dead bodies & bones of our 5 million unsung , unnamed martyrs and has consistently been irrigated by green Pakistani blood.

      History destroys those who forget it , and i just want us to respect and implement the real ideology that attracted millions on a single call.

    11. Shattered
      So have you ever decided to look into astronomy or what =p?
    12. Zaki

      if you play safe, then surely you should be able to generate/earn that much
    13. Zaki
      everyone thinks he is smart,

      but trust me 98% people lose money here and remaining 2% takes all
    14. Zaki
      Practice makes man perfect

      The amount you are going to lose initially can be your real money or you can use practice account and lose fake money. Thats entirely up to you... but in forex, if you haven't lost money... you haven't learnt forex

      go to www.babypips.com for basic forex lessons (click on school and then start from basic lessons first)....

      Create an account at etoro and practice your skills... once you think you have enough experience, i will tell you better company where you can open real account
    15. Zaki
      well you can start from $25 too but if you want to be a safe trader and you are not greedy you can start from $1000. If you want to be extra safe better invest $5000 but it all depends how much greedy you are. The more greedy you are, the sooner you will lose everything

      Patience is a key to success :D

      there are many forex companies i invest but i would advise you to trade in practice account for at least 2-6 months before investing real money. You can go to www.etoro.com and open practice account there... once you are trained you can invest in better company
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