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    hi From Rawalpindi

    hi there
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    Attack on PAF Base Minhas

    Law or no Law...matters not... there is enough law on paper to deal with these morons....THE ISSUE IS THAT THERE IS NO WILL.. .. i would be the devil's advocate and say that government and agencies have brought hundreds of such moron religious bigots into court. but the top man there is settling...
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    Attack on PAF Base Minhas

    Rightly said. Also there is a general acceptance and a romantic attachment of our so called naive silent majority with right wing bigots. And this silent majority has made me sick to the stomach now. As for this attack .... Objective: Cause as much damage as possible. Take as many lives...
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    Attack on PAF Base Minhas

    No damage confirmed, yet... Reports that 5 of them gunned down... One dead terrorist been taken away.
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    Pakistan Cobra Gunships and Military Aviation

    please ignore >> epinephrine <<, mentally challenged should not be engaged in any debate.
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    Who gets to be a Muslim in Pakistan?

    By this you mean that rural population is more educated and the survey results would be better in this regard? The results will be even worse.
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    Where Tejas falls behind

    Where Tejas falls behind The purpose of this article is to evaluate the wing structure of IAF Tejas LCA, compare it with current 4th generation and beyond aircrafts. With what information we have in regards with Tejas LCA’s airframe diagrams, dimensions of the wings, aerodynamics. We would...
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    Drone Strikes: Why west doesnt care

    US had on parallel to its armed war of terror launched a media war to villainize the enemy to an extent that the human element can be taken out of the conflict where US is involved. On the Bombing raids of WWII - Howard Zinn at a number of occasions like i think discussing ‘The three holy...
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    Is Faisal Raza Abdi leaving PPP?

    He always spoke his heart out. Where uttering even a single word against his holiness CJ Chaudry was considered a sin, he on a number of occasions exposed the hypocrisy and downright stubbornness of the superior courts. This guy took the so called gods of ‘primetime gibber gabber’ to task...
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    I Came, I Saw, I Ruined

    I Came, I Saw, I Ruined Internet just because of its nature enables everybody to express their individual ideas without restriction. Where this relatively new phenomenon gives everyone amongst us freedom, an aura of liberation, but it also very often becomes a nuisance when trolls and...
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    Olympic ‘terror visas’ racket Pakistan passport gang is smashed

    Rightly said sir. but we know the real objective of this thread. dont we? :) Our friendly neighbours troll the internet for mudslinging material. A naive attempt into ramping up hate against Pakistan on every forum they can find. What these clowns do not realize is that their bad...
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    Olympic ‘terror visas’ racket Pakistan passport gang is smashed

    I think according to The SUN every dark skinned person is a potential terrorist. They should be asking the question- what is the point in having British consulates in all these evil uncivilized countries?
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    Bangla Babble

    In my opinion &#8211; no matter which course Pakistan took it would have made no difference. One time or the other Bangladesh would have separated from Pakistan. Awami League and Mujeeb would have found another reason for it. What I implying is as below. Mujeeb just played a role of politician...
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    Bangla Babble

    Bangla Babble There wasn’t just one reason behind the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan. People do and may by all means indulge in incoherent babbling and taunts; there is no stopping people from doing that. Whereas asking searching questions of one’s self takes courage. Here i will try...
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    Of Thugs, Rambos and Honour

    OF THUGS, RAMBOS AND HONOUR We in this world claim to live as nations. Nations - Referring to communities/tribes of people having a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, or history? Or people who share a common territory a common government – people of different decent and...

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