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    India far ahead of China in leading the world with ideas: Rajnath Singh

    To lose the territory in Ladakh was their idea too?
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    Breaking- Modi speaks with Joe Biden on India-US strategic partnership

    Fraandship ended with Dolaaan Trump, now Jew Byedan is my best fraand
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    Indians rejoicing deaths in Lebanon

    You cannot expect anything less.....
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    Featured 4 gunmen attacked Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Karachi

    Who is this guy? He has been continuously staying that more attacks will be carried out in 2 days
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    Now Bangladesh provokes India; decides to buy weapons from Chinese manufacturers

    Of course it would. Only if you use your brain
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    Pakistan ordered 50% of indian embassy staff to leave the country within 7 days

    Annexing a land doesn't mean shit if the population there is still pelting stones at you and waving the flag of your enemy, but you uncultured swines wouldn't understand it. You even made a guy your national hero who got whopped like a punching bag after losing his jet.
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    Blast in Parachinar, KP

    you wished that you had a hand in APS attack?
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    Blast in Parachinar, KP

    Inside JoOoOouuub!!!
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    India’s next attack is coming

    and will get humiliated again, InshaAllah
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    Nepal not coming slow

    We dont need to learn anything from any country. We know how to tame India. Secondly, Nepal has China's backing at the moment, hence the result.

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