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Feb 5, 2008
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Feb 3, 1976 (Age: 44)



    1. Selim I
      Selim I
      Selam kardes, Kemalistlerin yaridan fazlasi atatürkün posterlerini kullaniyorlar "Avatar" olarak. Kemalistlere karsi Said Nursinin Avatarini kullanmamiz lazim, benim önerim, senin gibi, benim gibi, Zulkarneyn gibi, Ovarel gibi, arkadaslar Avatarlarini Said Nursi yapsinki, görsünler küffara karsi gücü.
    2. neolithic
      How do I change my nickname?
    3. Quasar
      bir sekilde seninde ulkeme ve insanima hizmet ettigine inaniyorum! nasil? sorusunun cevabini bulmak sana dusen bolum! ama gercekten senin de faydan olduguna inaniyorum! neyse saglicakla kal! kardes! kendi insanindan dusmanlar yaratma insanlari ayirma! cogu zaman gercekten internet ortaminda kendini kaybediyorsun! yani tartistigin kendi insanin! yasin dogru ise beni anlarsin! 1980 baska bisey demeyecegim! bir sekilde kendi tarzimda "kendimin ve senin" aynasi olmaya calistim! Durum bu..... ve umarim kabul edersinki pek hos degil!!!
    4. Selim I
      Selim I
      Selam kardes, tesekkürler arkadaslik teklifi icin. Selametle kal, hayirli aksamlar :)
    5. Vatoz
      Birader takma kafana her söyleneni. Anlayan var anlamayan. Herkezi adam edemesin.

      Rahmetli dedemin bir sözü vardı: akıl hayvanda da var ınsanda fikir olmalı derdi rahmetli.

      Yok olanı var etmek Allah'a mahsustur. Boşa kürek çekme.
    6. Armstrong
      Thanks ! We have a couple of things here named after Mr.Ataturk too ! The block a little next to the left of mine is called Ataturk Block.
    7. Armstrong
      Hey Bro ! Can I ask you to take the time out to watch the movie 'Jinnah'. Its a biographical account of the Founder of Pakistan and the Pakistani Movement. I found it uploaded here on Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e13IGsw0wGw

      I'd be much obliged should you decide to watch it !
    8. Armstrong

      You have seen the heights of the power of the
      river’s current;
      Now see how the agitated wave forms a
      The dream which Islam saw of general
      Oh Muslim, see the interpretation of that
      Its own bed of ashes is the means of existence
      for the salamander;
      See this old world dies and is born again.
      Open your eyes and look at the mirror of my
      See the disgrace of scheming before fate.
      You are a Muslim; fill your breast with desire;
      At every time keep before your eyes the
      words My promise is never broken.

      I apologize if I've over done it a bit, but its always a pleasure to see someone like minded who also hopes that we Muslims, we Mustafavis (Followers of Mustafa (Our Prophet)) will transcend these differences and usher in an age for the Ummah that is better than anything our ancestors could have imagined.

      Salam, May Allah give you a long and happy life. Amen.
    9. Armstrong

      Polity and dominion are only a fruit of the
      protection of the Shrine.
      May the Muslims unite in watching over the
      From the banks of the Nile to the deserts of
      Whoever practises discrimination of colour
      and blood will be erased,
      Whether he be a tent‐dwelling Turk or an
      Arab of noble family!
      If race takes precedence over the religion of
      the Muslim,
      You have flown from the world like the dust
      of the highway.
      So that the foundation of the Caliphate may
      be once again firm in the world,
      Search for and bring from somewhere the
      heart and spirit of your ancestors.
      Ah you who cannot distinguish the hidden
      from the revealed, become aware!
      You, caught up in Abu Bakr and Ali, become
      Lamentation was necessary, but now that is
      Now control your heart a little and see the
      effect of the lament.
    10. Armstrong

      The blood of the Muslim has become cheap as
      And you are fretting because your heart does
      not know the secret.
      Said Rumi: Before they can repopulate any
      ancient ruin, do you not know that first of all
      they must destroy the foundation?
      The country slipped from its hands, and the eyes of
      the community were opened;
      God has blessed you with sight; look forward,
      my negligent one!
      Defeat is better than begging for balm;
      Wingless ant! Do not bring your request
      before Solomon.
      The cohesion of the Radiant Community is
      the salvation of the East,
      But the people of Asia are so far ignorant of
      this principle.
      Again abandon politics and enter the
      ramparts of the faith;
    11. Armstrong
      You have no idea how happy it makes me listen to that. If you will indulge me for more poem, I think its a good summation of what has happened and what must happen :

      The World of Islam
      Why do you tell me the story of the Arab and
      the Turk?
      Nothing of the burning and making of the
      Muslims is hidden from me.
      The sons of the Trinity have taken away the
      heritage of Khalil;
      The sand of Hijaz has been made into the
      foundation stone of the Church!
      The red‐capped one has been dishonoured in
      the world;
      Those who were pride from head to foot,
      today are compelled to submission.
      Persia is buying from the vintners of the West
      that heady wine
      Whose heat is enough to melt the jar.
      By the wisdom of the West the state of the
      Community has become thus:
      As scissors cut gold into tiny pieces.

    12. Armstrong

      Your arm is enforced with the strength of the
      Divine Unity
      You are the followers of Mustafa, your
      country is Islam
      You should show the old panorama to the
      O Mustafaa’s follower! You should destroy
      this idol
      The limitation to country results in
      Live like the fish in the ocean free from
      Renouncing the country is the way of the
      God’s Beloved
      You should also testify to the Prophethood’s
      Truth by similar action
      In political parlance country is something
      In Prophet’s command country is something
      The antagonism among world’s nations is
      created by this alone
      Subjugation as the goal of commerce is
      created by this alone
      Politics have become bereft of sincerity is by
      this alone
      The destruction of the home of the weak is by
      this alone
      God’s creation is unjustly divided among
      nations by it
      The Islamic concept of nationality is uprooted
      by it
    13. Armstrong
      In the same book of Iqbal from which the poem is taken from ( Bang-i-dara - Call of the Marching Bell - An awakening ), Iqbal has written another poem 'Nationalims/Patriotism as a Political Concept', in which he says about nationalism based around a piece of land, ethnicity or language as a new Haram (Kabbah) constructed by the Muslims and this will leave the Ummah more fragmented that it has ever been. He goes on saying :
      As a Political Concept
      In this age the wine, the cup, even Jam is
      The cup‐bearer started different ways of grace
      and tyranny
      The Muslim also constructed a different
      harem of his own
      The Azar of civilization made different idols
      of his own
      Country, is the biggest among these new
      What is its shirt is the shroud of Din
      This idol which is the product of the new
      Is the plunderer of the structure of the Holy
      Prophet’s Din
    14. Armstrong
      Indeed my friend, that excerpt is taken from his poem : Islamic Cities. In that same poem he goes onto to say : If the Muslim Nationalism is restricted to a place - Neither India, nor Syria, nor Persia is its base - Ah Yathrib (Medina) you are the Muslim's homeland and his shelter - You are the focal point of the rays of his inner feelings - As long as you exist, we will also flourish in the world - You are the morning of this garden, we are the dew's pearls.
    15. Armstrong
      Salam, I was moved to see the videos that you had posted. This curse of ethnicity or language based nationalism destroyed the Muslims from within. Inshallah, may we rise again. Iqbal, the poet of the East, as we call him used to compare this kind of nationalism with idolatry where the nation becomes another idol by superseding our collective identity as Muslims.
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    Feb 3, 1976 (Age: 44)